He's Baaaack! Michael Cole Returns To NXT, but He's Not the Only One

Chris PolsonContributor ISeptember 22, 2010

I think its safe to say that most of us watch NXT for the commentary.  Especially this season.  I know I do.

But when Michael Cole quit unexpectedly last week, I got a little worried.  I figured maybe they were making room to put Abraham Washington on the show so he can have something to do.  So I was a little weary to watch this week.

I'm glad I decided to tune in.

Who decides to join Josh Matthews on commentary?  CM PUNK!

First thing he says, "Shut up Josh!"  He then proceeds to call Matt Striker "Jefferson D'Arcy" from the classic TV show "Married With Children".  I'm curious as to who Al Bundy is in this situation.  Needless to say, I knew this would be a great night.  It had to be a great night on commentary, because the challenges and matches were below mediocre.

The first "challenge" was musical chairs, which A.J. Lee won, even though Naomi tried to knock her off the last chair.  I was hoping this would be as great as the time they did it back on Raw in 2004 when Eugene was in charge for the night, but it wasn't even close.

Punk and Matthews discuss Punk's sports jacket, which he's wearing over his wrestling gear.  Priceless.  Goldust also talks to his rookie, Aksana.  She's nervous about being eliminated, and he tries to teach her his "breathing" technique.

There's a match between Maxine and A.J., which A.J. wins after reversing what Punk called a "brainbuster" into a pin.  Punk also claimed this match was "vintage Maxine".  God, I hope he never leaves the commentator desk on this show.


Michael Cole walks down the ramp, with CM Punk standing and applauding the whole time.  He says the fans that boo are in the minority.  But there is a silent majority that love him.  Apparently there was also some kind of petition started on Facebook to get him back on TV.  How did I not know about this?

Cole claims that NXT without him is unwatchable.  Yes it is sir.  He allegedly received numerous emails and tweets.  I was kind of hoping he'd mention us B/R faithful, but it didn't happen.  So he returns for his fans, who he aptly names "Cole-miners".  Punk and surprisingly Matthews both hug Cole as he sits down.  Punk says the show is unwatchable whether he's there or not.  I didn't think last week's greatness could've been topped, but this may have done it.

Another contest.  This time they were given a word and had 60 seconds to talk about it.  Jamie and Naomi are disqualified because they didn't talk about their word.  A.J. actually puts "caffeine" to use.  It even gets applause from Cole and Matthews.

Then there's Aksana.  She was given the word "Llama".  She claims she doesn't understand the word.  Striker tries to explain, but to no avail.  Aksana loves Striker's eyes.  She wants him to show her what a Llama is.  Really?  He tells her its similar to a camel, and she can talk about camels instead.  She still doesn't know what a camel is.  Punk wants a translator.  This may be the worst segment in the history of pro wrestling, and that includes anything with Mae Young or dead corpses.

Maxine gets the word "foot".  She was ok.  My future ex-wife Kaitlyn is supposed to talk about "ignition" but instead pictures the audience in their underwear.  All the while I'm picturing her in less.  Punk makes the comment that he doesn't wear pants when he watches NXT every week.  Wow, too much information.

A.J. wins the competition.  Striker was laughing most of the time during this segment, which makes me think he can hear what the announcers are saying.  As long as he is getting the same entertainment as the rest of us.

Kelly Kelly, Naomi, and Jamie face LayCool and Kaitlyn next even though its already after 11pm.  Naomi actually showed she could wrestle.  There's another move reversal that gives Namoi the pin over Kaitlyn.  It was a short match, but gave them a couple of minutes to show that they actually have some moves.  LayCool yell at Kaitlyn which prompts Kaitlyn to attack Mrs. Undertaker.  They beat her down of course.

The show ends with Punk saying he'll be back next week.  I personally hope so.  This was the best commentary I've heard since Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's heyday.  They made an otherwise unwatchable show extremely entertaining.

Anybody who didn't see it, watch it on WWE.com or wherever you can find it.

I'll end this the same way Punk started and ended the show:  "Shut up Josh!"