Heels Rule! 7 Wrestlers Who Must Turn Heel Before Wrestlemania

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2010

Heels Rule! 7 Wrestlers Who Must Turn Heel Before Wrestlemania

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    So the Night of Champions is behind us and we look forward to Hell in a Cell. Now maybe it is just me but I am getting kinda tired of seeing the same people get booed and the same people getting cheered. Sheamus is bad and Cena is good. It has been that way for far too long.

    So I have thought about some people that would make it interesting to become a heel. 

    Here are my ten wrestlers who need to become heels before Wrestlemania, because no matter how much you may hate someone cough* Bryan Danielson * cough   HEELS RULE.

    (Also like to note I am not saying Bryan is a heel; I just don't like him.)

7. John Morrison

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    So I am going to try to not say the guys that everyone talks about. Morrison is number 10 because I don't want you guys to think this is going to be the same as every other " he should go heel" story.

    Really though Miz and Morrison and MNM. Two great times where he was a heel. It seems like he really only shines as a heel.

    Don't get me wrong a pin over Y2J is not too shabby but I can not see Morrison reaching full potential as a face.

    He has a wicked training routine that is badass. I thought it would happen when team WWE started to crack because him and R-Truth were starting to fight a little, but sadly it didn't.

     Morrison could go far as a heel and really it is what he is best at.

    Let's all just face it, face is not working for him.

6. David Hart Smith

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    The Hart Dynasty. A good tag-team but with no titles to hold remind me of Too-Cool, fun to watch but can't win.

    They could make him into a heel so easily now. The next time they have a tag-team title shot they lose and after the match Smith steals Natalya, beats up Kidd, and goes solo.

    Just like the great one did when he was paired with Edge.  This could be a great move that not only starts a great solo career but also gives him a rivalry with Kidd to start it off.

    So who else wants to see David Hart Smith go heel?

5. Matt Hardy

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    With Hardy's career in smoke and all this commotion about his problems with WWE and his weight and everything else that is wrong with him it could possibly all be changed  if he went heel.

    I had a thought that he might when Rhodes was talking crap about him. I thought he would ask Rhodes for his help or something and they would be a great heel tag-team but since he is teamed with McIntyre I can't see that anymore.

    It is possible to turn this recent explosion about Matt into a positive but I doubt it will happen.

4. Darren Young

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    This one is more of a " It would be cool if" situation. I personally like the Nexus gimmick and hope it continually spreads throughout the WWE.

    Darren Young may not have been the best in Nexus but if they still have Tarver's stupid a** in it anything is possible.

    If they could plan something as to where Young comes out during Cena and Barrett's match at HIAC and instead of taking out Barrett unloads on Cena, repledging to the Nexus and eventually getting back with them I can honestly say I would watch that.

    With Orton RKOing him it also gives him a reason to wanting to go back with the Nexus.

3. Evan Bourne

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    Bourne's career so far has been crap. He has been getting no respect from people and has not been winning many solo matches.

    If Bourne were to go heel he could easily take either the U.S. or IC title.

    The high flying badass is a great gimmick and could launch the not so great career further to a mid card belt to possibly a world title shot.

    If he were to do this he would probably have to have a rivalry with Mark Henry and beat him cleanly. A few victories over the world's strongest man would be a great new start for him.

2. Christian

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    The number two guy on this list really needs this the most.

    He has shown throughout his career that he is an excelent heel. Hell, most of his titles have come when he was a heel.

    Pending the WWE, the only real way he could get out of this funk would be after this thing with Del Rio, Christian gets frustrated and turns heel.

    This could possibly give him a re-launch up to the World Heavyweight title so he can be one of the few to have held every WWE title.

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Now I really can't give a lot of reasons why Bryan would need this because I really don't know much about him.  Actually I can't stand the guy.

    To me he is already a heel.

    I would like to see how he does as a real heel though. He just has the look that makes it seem like he has potential to be a good heel.

    With everybody on the Bryan bandwagon it would also be a complete shock to WWE, which would really be nice in this current time of suck.