Philadelphia Eagles: What Michael Vick's New Role Says about McNabb Trade

WesAnalyst ISeptember 21, 2010

Thinking of ways to spin one of the biggest mistakes of all time.
Thinking of ways to spin one of the biggest mistakes of all time.Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb is clearly a better quarterback than Kevin Kolb.

Hear me out for a second, people.

No one with half a brain is going to argue that Kolb is better than McNabb now or at any point during their respective careers.

The fanbase, however, was split about McNabb's time in Philadelphia being over. None of that mattered, though, because there was no turning back on Kolb. It was time to move on, and it was time to find out what Kolb could do.

McNabb left, and Kolb stunk up the joint for a half. Enter Michael Vick.

Again, no one is going to argue that Kolb is better than Vick.

But wasn't this the time to find out what Kolb could do?

Look, I'm not a Kolb fanatic, and I have no idea if he is going to be the next Tom Brady, Tim Couch, or something in between.

The only thing I don't understand about Vick being named the starter is the logic that went into the decision. The only good thing about the twisted logic is that we find out what this decision really means.

The organization basically said, "Well, we don't care that McNabb is better. It's time to move on and allow Kolb to grow as the quarterback of the organization."

You with me?

Because only a couple months later the Eagles turned around and said, "We need to start Vick because he gives us the best chance to win."

That makes no sense. How can the organization say it doesn't matter that McNabb is better than Kolb, yet use the fact that Vick is better than Kolb as its deciding factor to bench Kolb in favor of Vick?

The only thing we know for sure is that McNabb's departure was a mistake of epic proportions.

How can you let McNabb go and ultimately decide that Vick is the guy?

I don't care if Kolb bombed out and was the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. The only thing I wanted to know is if Kolb could play.

Are we going to ever find out if Kolb is good?

If we ever get an answer, it sure as hell will not happen in Philadelphia.

There is no way Kolb can have any confidence in himself, let alone the coaches or anyone in this organization.

The Eagles might as well come out and say, "Uh, we made a mistake, and now we're trying to cover it up as best as possible. Thank God we have Vick to cover our backside."

Actually, that's what they did by announcing Vick as the starter for the foreseeable future.