Michael Vick: Why Kevin Kolb Is Still the Eagles QB of the Future

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2016

Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Michael Vick was announced as the Eagles permanent starter, after Andy Reid said that Kolb would be the starter. 

Some of you are probably saying that Kolb is no longer the Eagles QB of the future after this. 

But, I don't think that is the case. 

You would trade Donovan McNabb, because you were convinced this guy was your starting quarterback, and after one bad half against the Packers in the season opener (before he suffered a concussion),and after your backup had one good game against... the Lions, you decide that the guy isn't good enough to be your starting quarterback?  




So why would Andy Reid bench Kolb for Vick? It's simple.


The Eagles want to increase Vick's trade value. Does it make sense? 






Before Vick was incarcerated, could you imagine what teams would give up for him? 


If Vick is really better than he was before he was incarcerated, could you imagine what teams would give up for him now? Some of you probably think that what I'm saying is ridiculous. 


But does it make sense to bench your QB of the future after he has only played half a game? 


Reid has watched Kolb since he was in college,and the whole plan since Kolb was drafted was to be Donovan McNabb's successor , I don't believe that Vick can have one good game against the Lions while Kolb is out with a concussion, and all of sudden Kolb is not the Eagles QB of the future.


Vick will be the starter for the Eagles this season, but I predict the Kevin Kolb era will officially start next season.