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SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 20:  Head coach Mike Singletary of the San Francisco 49er talks to a referee against the New Orleans Saints during an NFL game at Candlestick Park on September 20, 2010 in San Francisco, California.(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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We want our favorite teams to win and sometimes we have an already good team when we become fans or we see our clubs climb the latter to elite levels but some fans are part of a decades long losing atmosphere like many fans of expansion teams. Those teams are laughingstocks and joked about by the media and management is under serious pressure to change the situation. That had been the case with clubs like Detroit, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Atlanta and Seattle, clubs that usually get a one way trip to their division’s cellars. Talent droughts, tight wad owners, bad decisions and terrible GMs made these clubs hard to support. But there are fans who love NFL football and their teams and stick with them through painful loses and terrible management. Those fans had pride and stayed motivated and loyal. But when fans of elite clubs and winners like Pittsburgh, Miami, Dallas, Washington, Oakland/ L.A., Denver and San Francisco saw the fall of their clubs to mediocrity some just didn’t know what to do…..they’d never suffered a lot of losing. Whether it was a team standard of always winning or, not ever knowing a losing season since they became fans some of these fans turned on owners, coaches and players that won those games and jumped off the bandwagon.


Well, both kinds of fans can learn positives from the other’s situation. Fans of fallen teams can learn to have faith in the almost impossible. Those fans of these terrible teams would support that club no matter what. They found other things to stay motivated, they socialized, they made jokes to lighten the burden of the losing, they made songs and signs to uplift themselves and other fans. And they were as noisy and feisty as any big stadium supporting a super bowl contender. That’s what RaiderNation should remember and copy. We need to be as loyal to our club as those fans of usually terrible clubs not because in the future we may see the Raiders return to greatness alone but because we are showing the world that we have pride to stay with our own and the media won’t get us to turn on them. The NFL media spends millions to try and get as much negative coverage of the Raiders as possible. They have the power we do to but its’ a different kind.


The rumors of Al vs. the NFL are more than true and 2010 won’t be any different when it comes to how the referees treat the Raiders. Every year we get zapped with oh another star player and the Raiders will be an 8-8 club. Have you looked at some of these so called contenders the past 15 seasons? Hey, if Carolina and Jacksonville can go to divisional championship games (1996) then this 2010 Raiders’ club can reach the super bowl. You don’t even believe the any given Sunday b.s. yourselves otherwise you would see that if these league was really redesigned to give mediocre clubs a chance to win more games then how in the world can a team with this kind of secondary, special teams and usually good d-line not be one of the top mediocre clubs in comparison with some pretty terrible clubs making the playoffs recently? Right, it doesn’t make any sense but you let ESPN zapp you with this garbage every season. Oh, its’ the O-line, the run D.


  1. The Colts went to the super bowl without a run defense and serious injury in the secondary. I know they outscored their opponents but I thought the idea was you had to have a complete d to win a championship?
  2. The Saints, I won’t even talk about their defense. Its’ their o-line. I think its above average and I thought you couldn’t win with the vertical game. Brees throws deep that….almost it. And their run game isn’t all that great. Yet, oh dem Saints is super bowl bound.


Very few teams have the personnel Oakland has. If Oakland’s run d is that bad which strangely neutralizes that secondary and pass rush…..something the league really likes to see. Then all Oakland has to do is take care of one area where most other teams have two areas to take care of.


We also are conditioned to think the Raiders can’t compete with so-called elite clubs. Why not? Houston and Baltimore have more holes defensively than Oakland.


You’re blaming Al for things the coaching staff has to take blame for…..Norv, Art and Bill.  But look at this Adrian Foster guy…..he burned the Colts for 231 yards, a practice squad player.  Did you hear ESPN or any media say Indy’s playoff chances are in danger because of their defense?  No, so then in this “parity” NFL teams have to deal with the holes and try to win because of the salary cap and other things they don’t have those extra players to have a perfect defense or offense.


So to change the losing atmosphere lets first change our own attitudes and yes, that includes some of you who already have good attitudes still we are in a special situation because Oakland is treated differently than other teams.



  1. Boo ESPN. They dislike the Raiders and want them to lose so why not let them know about it.
  2. Attack the media more with signs and on the web. They attack us so why not?
  3. Show signs also supporting Al Davis and his keeping his team. Al gave his coaches an outstanding group of players and coaches if the staff can’t do anything with it don’t blame him. And you should be ashamed for blaming him during Turners’ and Shells’ stint in Oakland.
  4. Have morale rallies that attract local media attention….after a loss. Look, the NFL wants all to sale to a billionaire. They hope attendance will get so low that a loophole would allow Al or a new owner to relocate. Its’ easy just write media or make signs about loyalty regardless of losses……and believe me they really want to take this mans’ team and see him lose a lot in doing it.





The political motivation of the NFL isn’t about choice I mean you could probably not work with it but the pressure to do it



When Oakland lost to the Titans all I heard was “Same ‘ol’ Raiders!” Since there are many new faces on the club I was a little suspicious and decided to review this game.  And I decided the staff was far more to blame for the loss than the players. About free points were given to a Titans’ team that was proven overrated by the Steelers battered defense.


  1. The Raiders refused to test average Titan’s secondary deep.
  2. VY completed 56 yard TD to Nate Washington mainly because it was a zone defense and nobody was assigned to Washington. Looking back over four seasons whenever secondary is burned its’ usually a cover two or zone defense.
  3. It might help the run D if coaches wouldn’t line them up out of position. Why stunt linebackers instead of staying in their lanes. This is why Oakland has given up big plays the past four + seasons not because of the quality of the players.
  4. The line calls are as bad as the o-line is accused of being. Maybe not running into the teeth of defenses and better calls on the line might spring these very talented halfbacks.



RaiderNation you are zapped every season. The NFL isn’t looking forward to Oakland beating any so called elite club much less having a winning season. Al can only ask his staff to put a winning game plan together yet different staffs have lost many games doing the opposite. Maybe the NFL is behind it maybe not but blaming Al and the players for this b.s. all the time isn’t fair.


I mean what did the Steelers do with a back up qb, below average o-line and injury riddle D to beat Tennesee that Oakland couldn’t have done. They played without tampering by the NFL and, they called good plays against an overrated club that’s what they did.


And if it’s the players then what would Jacksonville want with Kirk Morrison, New Orleans with Danny Clark, Fabian Washington and Chris Carr in Baltimore and Dave Tollefson in New York? If these are players from the worst team and run D in the NFL why are they succeeding in other cities? They still were developed by the Raiders. Yea, starting to make a little more sense isn’t it?  You’ve got an outstanding rookie talent, Richard Seymore and Kelly is quality and yet you get zapped by the media. I think the NFL is behind this run d b.s. because it neutralizes the pass rush and secondary. If Oakland forces teams to pass they make the playoffs. But if they can’t score and clubs continue to just run to beat them which can’t happen 16 times. Well, they will lose a lot of games.



Ask yourselves these questions;


  1. What was Richard Seymore doing when he stopped and avoided sacking VY on a pass play near Titan’s goal line?
  2. Why did Oakland have so much trouble scoring against the Rams, and almost refusing to score against them?
  3. Why didn’t Oakland take advantage of serious mismatches in the Titans secondary?
  4. Since Oakland has three different linebackers starting how can they possibly still be having the same problems?
  5. Did the referees really allow Titan D-linemen to jump the count without flagging them as Mario Henderson claimed? Are the refs back in 2010 already?





NFL politics mean Raiders misery. The league likes to use this team as the villains and see teams and players get their winning starts against it. How many feel good stories have been written against Oakland the past seven seasons?


New England Patriots (Tom Brady)

Brett Farve

Matt Cassell


And how many times did the referees or some strange play calling help that player of team win?


The Raiders are the bad guys, independents, outlaws, trouble makers, the poor guys’ team. They don’t have a billionaire partner, aren’t in a hurry to build a stadium to screw poorer fans out of more money and have sued the NFL many times. THEY HAVE TO LOSE! LOOK LIKE FAILURES. With a man who built the NFL and knows it better than anyone else, with a former player being the greatest NFLPA man ever, A world known ex-coach who sales one of the most popular video games of all time no, Robert Kraft and Robert McNair and the men they hire know more about modern football than Al……..RaiderNation stop it.



Feel good story  THE GULF COAST TEAM!


O.K. I admit the Texans have a good offense but I don’t think they have a defense to make if it deep into the playoffs.


But what I want to know is….. Has any practice squad player that wasn’t a former no. 1 pick ever run 200 + yards in a game…..especially against a division champion? Right, I didn’t think so. But I do see a lot of politics here and I think its about another Gulf Coast feel good story…..231 yards?!!!


It might take the attention of America off that criminal activity in the Gulf Coast if a Cinderella club suddenly came out other than the mighty Saints. The politicians, the oil companies and media would be able to ignore this tragedy and fans would accept whatever b.s. the give to the public while watching the Texans reach the playoffs. They do have a great offense and have made some good progress but the Texans beating the Colts just look right any given Sunday but losing like that? They are suddenly that balanced and can find a half back that got cut but can become the next Terrell Davis then they deserve to win the division. Watch the calls for and against the Texans this season and you’ll agree with me. They play the Raiders and fans, don’t get upset if its’ a complete blow out. Watch out for terrible calls, bad play calling, open Texan receivers and a lot of happy media. This is the power of CBS, media and NFL they want Texans to have a momentum building game and who is always there to help out? Now if Oakland doesn’t attack that secondary then you’ll know I was telling the truth.



  1. Write CBS and let them know the NFL is supposed to be honest and they shouldn’t help the league screw the Raiders.
  2. Tell the media the NFL is biased
  3. Let the NFL know you are ticket paying fans and not to rigg games against Oakland.
  4. Let the Raider know you support them and the coaches need to to much better in play calling. You made that damned sign to criticize Al so why not criticize his staff for their terrible play calling?






The NFL knows it hates the Raiders, the corporations listened to the NFL and that’s why they don’t sponsor the Raiders because they are partners with the NFL who really hates Al Davis and his team.  You’ve seen many times the refs do some strange and illegal things to Oakland and then you go blame Al for the problems when you can see the league clearly helping him lose.


Oakland with this talent has lost 10 + games. I don’t believe Al or the players are to blame and the NFL is. I hope you will listen to the voices of the past and my comments after the ex-Raiders comments to help you decide if I have a point.



RANDY MOSS 2006  “Things are fishy.”  A lot was going on in the Raiders organization. Mainly you had a traitor making deals with the Patriots without Al Davis permission. You had the NFL tampering with a head coach and his staff (Kiffen). And by now at least some of you know the NFL and New England were talking to Randy Moss long before his trade to the Patriots. Mike Lombardi was smelled out and never denied helping the NFL and New England get Moss. Kiffen was contacted and pressured to cooperate by the NFL. I truly believe insiders fed the NFL info and Kiffen and they bought tension between him and Al to keep potentially outstanding coach from bringing Oakland back to greatness. Bill Bellicheck had wanted Moss for years but New England is too cheap to trade straight up for an elite player. So the NFL jumped in and told all 30 other clubs not to make a move of Moss. The major networks wanted some kind of revenue maker and the 16-0 run was completed after Miami screwed its’ fans and traded Wes Welker to New England. Strangely, Welker got Miami a second rounder and Moss a fourth for Oakland and you in RaiderNation think the Raiders moving their services to KITS and KFRC radio stadions (owned by CBS) is a good thing? I don’t think so being that CBS and the Patriots are one corporate group and with them owning Oakland’s first round pick a top five pick is what they are both betting on. GET IT? The Raiders or any other club aren’t allowed to publicly criticize the league and locking the Raiders deeper in CBS’s grip makes it extra hard to get evidence or complaint of rigging against the NFL, CBS and New England out since that media is powerful enough to cover it up.






You have a younger Nnamdi, Warren Sapp (at least pretending to like RaiderNation), Derrick Burgess in his prime, the best special teams in football overall and a very good receiving corps….And you win 2 games. Shell coached this club to the AFC Championship against far better competition yet couldn’t find a way to win more games?


Who (NFL clubs) was so good in ’06 that Oakland couldn’t make the playoffs? Right, and you blaming Al and Tom Walsh for this? Bed and Breakfast or not there were many coaches that could have helped in the play calling if that was the problem and it wasn’t.  Maybe refusing to put your best pass blocker (Barry Sims in his prime) at LT or not ending the feud with Jerry Porter and trading a starting wr to the Patriots right before the season opener might have played a part. But don’t leave out the NFL either, the leagues showed it’s most criminal side that season by helping Oakland lose at least four games because of bad calls by the refs. I won’t even dare blame them for that terrible year but point out their part. Vincent Jackson’s “illegal forward pass” along with three other strange calls that lost games helped Oakland lose but in my opinion the NFL was behind it.


Since the NFL and its corporate partners have access to all 32 clubs its not a over reaction to say they can influence what happens in some cases. And since we all know the Patriots are the NFL’s team if not a partner with CBS and ESPN…….the Oakland Raiders farm system has helped make the Patriots a power house. How many pro teams have ever made trades like these two with only one benefiting from it? O.K. then! The Fox House in Alameda might have somebody leaving the door opened at night.






The NFL has changed but not the way fans think it did. We were tired of the same teams winning and told the league to do something about it…..they did. They got big investments to build new stadiums. They made rules (and back room deals) to create a parity a new salary cap, free agency rules……didn’t work so, some more rule changes (and more back room deals) lead to the creation of “new” parity. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY were anyone could win (?). All of a sudden Dallas, Buffalo and eventually S.F. couldn’t win and all these mediocre clubs started winning. Since then games are badly officiated, sloppy, many times rbs and wrs are practically untouched and many good teams can’t seem to play without some mediocre club winning strangely played and officiated games. Your team may be doing well or o.k. in this new NFL while other aren’t. The NFL wants success and to please fans and I think they are rigging games to do it. Some owners are willing to lose to get that shared revenue and others don’t say anything even though it is wrong. The new stadium b.s. with people losing their homes is just classless. Any club not having a new stadium really isn’t important to the NFL and their new partners. The military and politics have invested money in the NFL to get their messages and image across to the public many corporations have PR issues too and want certain clubs to win over others. This is about what is honest and right not about the Raiders’ or any other team. If they screw Oakland how do you know they aren’t screwing you fans too? You should all stand up and protest any bias toward any NFL club or market. Let these games be legitimate. Its’ your time, energy and money that could be being sucked up by the corporations running at least part of the NFL…..find out if the NFL is being honest with you and if not write them and let them know!



Roger Goodell 


280 Park Ave

New York, NY 10017








Blaming Al when you saw the talent he bought in here since the super bowl loss should at least give you some idea that something else is going on. Comparing his club in 2010 to the Saints and Texas who are supposed to be elite clubs…..I think the Raiders would have a playoff spot if these NFL and corporate people would let them.




Have a great NFL season! 






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