Mid-Card for Life: The Best of the Second Best (Competition)

Jackoby CalibanContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Sorry had to crop it so it doesn't look great
Sorry had to crop it so it doesn't look great

What's up Bleachers.


I'm back with the follow up to the Your the GM competition that crafted some excellent responses.


This is your chance to prove that your favourite wrestler that was unable to break the glass ceiling is/was deserving of a chance to have a run with the world title, why you feel that wrestler is the best of the mid-card. You can write about their career, their accomplishments, well anything you feel necessary to prove your point.


Here are the rules for this competition:


-You can only pick a wrestler that has not won a top-tier title in their respective brand/company.

-One wrestler cannot be picked twice (eg. if some one picks one wrestler you cannot pick that same one).

-All articles must have 'mid-card for life' at the beginning of their title (so people know its to do with this).

-They must be done by Hell in a Cell and linked in the comment section of this article.


I will be posting another article on Friday, which is the deadline if you want to participate in this competition, saying who has entered and who they have entered with.


Thanks for reading.


(JacK Woodbridge)