Chris Jericho, and How He May Leave, Plus He Tweets On His Last Tweets(Spoilers)

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 21, 2010

(Warning spoilers)
(Warning spoilers)

Jericho made a lot of noise the other day with his Tweet comments. As we all know by now he did appear on Raw, and will be on the show that was pre-taped for next week. Jericho posted a new message on his Twitter explaining why he said what he said. I think it’s safe to say that Jericho has a good sense of humor.

Jericho on his last couple Tweets

"Hey Internet...Im a heel. Heels lie, therefore if I say something boastfully and reneg on it, it's not an official stipulation. Smarten up!"


Is Jericho’s last match next week?

It is also being reported that Jericho will leave the WWE via an injury angle from Randy Orton. This claim does seem to have merit if you go by the Raw spoilers next week. According to the spoilers, Jericho loses to Orton and gets punted in the head.

He is then taken out of the ring in stretcher. If this is the angle they are going with; then we at lease know he will be back in the near future. I doubt Jericho would wrestle his last match with the WWE, and have it end in that sort of fashion.


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