Coping With Sanity While Remaining A Buffalo Bills Fan

Mike BurnsContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

MVPAl Bello/Getty Images

Two weeks into the 2010 National Football League season and reality, or sanity, is beginning to set in.  Buffalo Bills fans are among the most loyal, yet most betrayed fans in the league. 

I was born a Buffalo Bills fan.  Back to back American Football League Championships by the time I could barely walk and talk.  My first year as a season ticket holder when Rich Stadium opened and I got to watch O.J. Simpson in all his glory.  But with greatness there is always there is always madness associated with life as a Bills fan.  We got to watch with the rest of the country O.J.'s last big rush, a long slow drive down the Los Angeles freeway system. 

The Super Bowl years were so exciting right up until the last game of the season.  Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith and so many others kept us jumping and yelling each and every Sunday.

Now as I get older I still bleed red, white and Buffalo Bills blue but with age it becomes easier to clot the cut so I do not bleed to death.  General Manager after general manager, coach after coach, first round bust after first round bust and quarterback after quarterback the story still ends the same.  False promises, games moved to a city that does not want them and another year with no hopes for the playoffs.

Chan Gailey is a recycled failure that talks the talk but does not walk the walk.  From day one he promised us a competition for the starting job, Trent Edwards has taken most of the snaps with the first team.  There was not even a try out let alone a competition.  We were also promised they would bring in help for the offense, still looking for that. 

Trent Edwards came into the NFL with high hopes but after 4 years behind what could only be described as an invisible line he now runs from his own shadow.  Again another curse of being a Buffalo Bills fan.  Remember Rob Johnson - 3 straight wins to start the season (all over playoff teams) all while being sacked 25 times before suffering a concussion which in effect started his decline.  Other busts include Todd Collins, Drew Bledsoe, Billy Joe Hobert (did not read the playbook), Alex Van Pelt, Travis Brown, Kelly Holcomb, JP Losman and Rory Fitzpatrick. 

What do we have to lose by starting Brian Brohm?  Nothing in my book, give him 14 weeks as a starter and see if there is any hope at all.  The bills are on pace to draft number one overall next season and can use the pick elsewhere if Brohm shows any promise at all.

But then again given our recent history of poor number one picks maybe it would be beneficial to trade down seeing that our later picks do much better than overpaid first rounders like Erik Flowers, Mike Williams, Willis McGahee, JP Losman, Donte Whitner, John McCargo, Marshawn Lynch, Leodis McKelvin (juries still out on this one, showed signs of greatness but not impressing me much anymore), Aaron Maybin, Eric Wood and now CJ Spiller (has not shown anything in preseason and hardly used in the regular season.  Nate Clements was the only good first round pick in over ten years and he was not that good his last 2 seasons because he did not want to get injured before free agency, have not heard from him since.

As far as 2010 is concerned make the trade to Green Bay for AJ Hawk, Posluszny is a China Doll in a Bull shop and cannot stay healthy and will also be a free agent at the end of the season, most likely not to resign anyway.  Trade him if we can for someone with potential or a draft pick.  By benching your starter after 2 weeks after giving him the job shows the rest of the team that as a coach Chan Gailey does not have enough faith in himself let alone the other 51 players on his roster.  He is a recycled coach that has been away from the professional level too long to understand how much the game has evolved.  

Granted he was the only coach that even gave the Bills the time of day, but who can blame the Cowhers and Shannahans for not wanting to come to a city that wastes high draft choices and has subpar unmotivated players on its roster.  

How about trading away enough players for draft picks to select the top 49 players in the 2011 draft, keep Jackson, Byrd and of course Moorman.  Within 2 years the Buffalo Bills would be back into the NFL top 10 and respected again.

Dreams are a way of coping with my sanity, but such is life as a Buffalo Bills fan.  Until then we watch and wait to see if either the Bills do something good or Marshawn Lynch leads the Buffalo police on a high speed chase on the New York State thruway.