WVU Football: Road Game Issues

Lincoln ThomasContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

In 2009 the 9-4 West Virginia Mountaineer football team was undefeated at home, which is great. But the problem that occurs is the fact that they seemed to struggle a lot more on the road. While you usually want to be better at home than away, you don't want struggle with away games to the extent WVU did.

     For instance, at home in 2009 the Mountaineers were able to beat a top ten team(Pitt) at home, along with other big wins like ECU and UConn. But on the road it was a different story, the Mountaineers were 2-4 on the road (If you count the Gator Bowl as a road game). Playing a much sloppier game and losing to teams such as Auburn and South Florida. So far in 2010 it looks kind of like a similar story, dominating Maryland and Coastal Carolina at home, and barely escaping a massive upset against Marshall on the road.

     The reason I write this article is because WVU has a huge road game coming up. They will play a night game at LSU. Tiger Stadium is known to be one of the loudest, fiercest places in college football, and if the Mountaineers want to prove they are capable of playing away from home, here is the biggest test.