Cena Tweets About Nexus. Nexus On Smackdown Debut?

Claude PeaseContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

The following are some combined tweets from the official Twitter page of WWE Superstar John Cena:

"CeNation. Looks like we got the mutha of all throwdowns for HITC! I am ready. Headed to France. Phone will be out for 5days. Excited about trip. Massive crowds over there, plus doin some cool stuff for legendary(movie screening and signing), then as soon as we get back I'm going to WalMart in Lutz fl, for midnight signing of legendary DVD. Its out tues sept 28th avail exclusively at WalMart. Until then, I will get stronger, faster, better. HITC they will find out I am NOT nexus...I'm against us...them..nexus..uhhhhh...well you know what I mean. :)"

Notice the underlined part, the "I'm against us". Does this mean he will lose and join Nexus, but fight against them while a member of Nexus?


Spoiler Alert

During last night's second WWE Raw taping, which will air next week, The Nexus said that they will be at the live Smackdown debut show on Syfy next week. Additionally, John Cena mentioned to R-Truth in a backstage segment that he will be at the show as well.

Will Nexus cause more issues in the Undertaker/Kane feud? Cena there also, a prelude to him joining Nexus?


We will have to see!