The Miz: A Heel's Explanation Of Him Losing The Title

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

  Ok so yeah Danielson won the title at Night Of Champions. This can be summed up in two words...BIG DEAL.

 The Miz didn't even like that belt anyways. The U.S. title is NOW only a belt for beginners who have no talent and have to cheat to win. It means nothing and if you think about it Miz really had no reason even having it. He just wanted to add it to his collection. A future Hall of Famer needs to have a lot of titles in his bio so he figured that one needed to be there.

 So now that Miz passed the title off to who it really belongs too. A LOSER. He can now focus on taking the WWE title from Orton, at the appropriate time and place.

 Even though he lost I am sure we all know the reason why he did get beat. It's obvious to everybody that Bryan cheated. 

 As we all saw Miz allegedy tapped out. Before this happened was when Bryan showed his true self. Bryan was laying down ACTING like he was hurt. Miz, being the kind individual he is,stopped his assault to make sure he was alright. Then out of an act of horrable sportsmanship Bryan got miz into a submission hold and Miz was forced to give up.

 I don't blame Bryan though. If I was as crappy a wrestler as he was I would have had to cheat to win the title too. The WWE universe has to be angry at Bryan for these bad actions he took. He should be suspended and forced to retire.