Reggie Bush Injury: Are Kim Kardashian's Ex-Boyfriends Cursed?

Elliott PohnlFeatured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2010

Reggie Bush Injury: Are Kim Kardashian's Ex-Boyfriends Cursed?

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    Reggie Bush is expected to be sidelined for at least six weeks after suffering a broken fibula in the Saints win over the 49ers Monday night.

    Bush's latest personal misfortune makes one wonder if he has been victimized by some sort of curse.

    Here's a look back at the highs and lows of Reggie's life in the fast lane toward superstardom, including his widely-publicized relationship with Kim Kardashian.

No. 10: Reggie In Happier Times

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    In 2005, Reggie Bush was smiling from ear to ear.  Frankly, he should have been.

    Bush won the Heisman Trophy after a sensational junior season in which he racked up 2,611 total yards and scored 18 touchdowns.

    Off the field, Bush was a polarizing figure as a college star.  He had managed to be "taken care" and was enjoying rolling around in his Chevy Malibu with custom rims and a new stereo system installed.

    He was the No. 2 overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft and widely heralded as the savior of the New Orleans Saints.

No. 9: Reggie and Kim Fall In Love

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    Things were still going well for Bush when he began dating Kim Kardashian in 2007.

    The two met at the ESPY Awards and eventually purchased a home together.

    The couple stayed together for nearly than two years before in ended tragically in July 2009.  After a brief time apart, Kim reportedly wanted Reggie back.

    As usual, she got her way and the couple dated again for three months before the sparks stopped flying.

No. 8: Reggie Makes Fate-Altering Decision to Move On Without Kim

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    Based on the most credible sources out of Hollywood, and according to Kim's own words, Reggie Bush didn't really enjoy life in the spotlight.

    In other words, he didn't want to spend his life milling around on red carpets or hanging with Bruce Jenner.

    He didn't want to be Lamar Odom.

    Bush wanted to continue his football career without dealing with the spotlight of dating one of the hottest chick's on the planet.

    Since he decided to move on again without Kim after winning the Super Bowl, nothing good has happened, aside from a rumored relationship with Latin pop singer Mayra Veronica.

    Maybe hings aren't really that bad for Reggie.

No. 7: Kim's Career Takes Off

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    Kim's sizable "talents" have helped her become a reality star and successful model and entrepreneur.

    Since kicking Reggie to the curb, Kim has been romantically linked to Christiano Ronaldo before moving on to her latest fling Miles Austin.

    All this from a woman who said she never wanted to date an athlete again...

No. 6: Reggie's Career Doesn't

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    Even before his relationship with the bustiest Kardashian sister went south, Reggie Bush was beginning to look like nothing more than a glamorous third-down back.

    His rushing numbers have declined each of his four seasons in the NFL, and he ironically had his least productive season during the best season in Saints' franchise history.

    Although he is still a productive player, there is no question he will never live up to the hype he generated coming out of USC.

    Speaking of his days as a Trojan...

No. 5: Reggie Is Finally Exposed By The NCAA

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    The NCAA moves at a snail's pace during the course of investigations into improper benefits around college athletics.

    Its investigation into USC's bizarre athletic program eventually game to an end after over three years were spent snooping around Southern California.

    The end result was devastating for everyone involved, especially Bush.

    If you're looking for stimulating reading, check out the full report on the NCAA's findings in the Bush investigation.

    Among the more amusing sections of the massive document, Reggie is described as feeling embarrassed by driving around his old Ford pickup and wants an upgrade.

    Behold the customized black Malibu...

No. 4: Reggie Finally Accepts Blame

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    Last week, Bush did what everyone saw coming.  He simply gave up the Heisman Trophy.

    Had he done so by finally admitting guilt, perhaps the curse against him would have been lifted.

    Instead, his official press release indicated he was merely tired of the distraction caused by the rumors concerning the Heisman Trust Committee's rumored decision to strip him of the award.

    It might finally be time to come clean, Reggie.

No. 3: The Curse Produces Another Injury

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    Bush's leg injuries are slowly becoming an alarming trend that threatens to strip of his biggest asset and torpedo his NFL career.

    He has dealt with knee problems throughout the years and has undergone a microfracture procedure and arthroscopic surgery to repair damage.

    Despite taking fewer hits thanks to a reduced number of carries, Bush hasn't played a full 16-game season since his rookie year with the Saints in 2006.

    What exactly does Reggie Bush have to do to stay healthy?

No. 2: Ray J Provides More Historical Precedent For The Curse Of Kim

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    You remember Ray J, right?

    Somehow related to both Snoop Dog and Brandy, the R&B singer managed to achieve fame and land Kim Kardashian on his arm in 2007.

    The relationship with Kim didn't last long or end particularly well, but it produce a sex tape which was leaked on the internet.

    Since that time, Ray J has managed to start his own label and even appear on his own VH1 reality show.

    He has also managed to demonstrate that he has almost no musical talent.

No. 1: Miles Austin Is Next

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    Miles Austin might be a having a very impressive season as an individual, but he is still part of an 0-2 Cowboys team that is in disarray.

    The newly-minted wide receiver has had all of one good season and seems due for some sort of setback very soon.

    Apparently Austin failed to embrace the Kardashian lifestyle in earnest and treat Kim with undying love and affection, because multiple sources are reporting that the couple has split up.

    Watch your back, Miles.