Underage Chinese a Disgrace to The Olympics

Dean AshCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

I'm sorry to start off like this but something must be done about these 12- or so year-old girls competing in the Olympics for China.  They obviously know the younger the girl, the less fear they have and even have valid documents to prove these children are 16 or over.

But come on let's be reasonable. Everyone I have talked to who watches the Olympics all point out how young they look. Yet for some reason it has not caught on to the press.  If you look at the US gymnastics team all the girls look over the age of 16. However, for China the girls are tiny and giggle like little children. 

Please if there is someone out there who doubts they are under 16 years old, plead your case. I am very angry that such a great team of girls has to lose to underaged girls who shouldn't even be allowed in the Olympics.  Also, the smaller the girl, the less chance of going out of bounds so in every way China benefits while the US loses.

This is unfair and unjust and something must be done and I just can't help but try and fight for the great US girls.