Amber Lancaster Exclusive: From NFL Cheerleader to Hollywood Starlet!

Angie MeyerContributor IISeptember 21, 2010

Living in Los Angeles, it's rather impossible to find people actively involved in "the industry" who are real, true sports fans.

I'd say mixing the two is comparable to mixing oil and water.
Sure, you can visit a sports bar on any given Sunday and find a filled room of jersey's and beers, but in Los Angeles the sports bar is more of a "place to be seen" rather then a place to cheer on your teams.
That's why I was super-duper thrilled when given the opportunity to chat with actress, Amber Lancaster at the INTOUCH MTV VMA after-party.
Hollywood starlet Amber Lancaster considers herself one of the biggest NFL fans around town. You question my words? Well, after spending five years as a cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks, Lancaster gets the glam girls gold star.
Lancaster currently stars in the MTV show The Hard Times of RJ Berger where she plays Jenny Swanson, RJ's dream girl. Coincidentally, Lancaster's role on the show is the outgoing, popular cheerleader—complete stretch, right?
Yuppers! The NFL princess started her career as a Price is Right model, and is quickly dancing her way through the LA scene...however, the role she cherishes most is that of a Seahawks fan.
This sweet startlet hasn't allowed the coveted Hollywood lifestyle to veer her from her Seattle Roots....

GG: Tell me about your character on the show?
AL: "I play Jenny Swanson. I'm the All-American girl next door, that the main character, RJ, has had a crush on forever. He grows a little closer to me throughout the season. We have a little closer relationship. At the end of the season, we kissed. It was a big deal. I'm excited to see what happens next season."



GG: What do you think about the new Seattle head coach, Pete Carroll?

AL: "I love him. He's amazing. He brings a new energy to the team. I think that he's young. He comes from college program, which has so much heart and so much spirit. He's a great addition.


GG: If you could choose one person to raise the coveted 12th man flag at Qwest Field, who would it be?

AL: Me! Hello! I cheered for the team for five years. I poured my heart and soul into the team. I think I should raise the 12th man flag.


GG: Message to Seahawks fans?

AL: "They are the best fans in the NFL. I love them with all my heart, and I miss cheering for the Hawks with all my heart."

You can catch Amber Lancaster, and the second season of The Hard Times of RJ Berger on MTV. The show will replay repeatedly throughout the fall, in anticipation of next season...

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