Where Will Michael Vick Play Next Season?

Raymond SettlesContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Where Will Michael Vick Play Next Season?

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    Will Vick wear this uniform in 2011?Leon Halip/Getty Images

    I was listening to the "2 Live Stews" radio show on Monday, and two things jumped out at me.

    1) Co-host Ryan Stewart (former Detroit Lion) said that Michael Vick just earned himself a $50 million contract with his performances through the first two games.

    2) Co-host Doug Stewart (Ryan's brother & former college football player) said that Michael Vick is one of the three most talented players he's ever seen play in the last 20 years, along with Randy Moss and Deion Sanders.

    It caused me to think that somebody is going to pay him a king's ransom next year for his talented services. But the question is, "Who will that team be?"

    Could it be any number of the following suspects:

    - Oakland? The Raiders appear to be on the verge of making a quarterback change come this Sunday.

    - Cleveland? The Browns have already had to utilize their second quarterback in two games.

    - Buffalo? The Bills have announce that they are benching Trent Edwards for Ryan Fitzpatrick

    - Arizona? The Cards let Matt Leinart go to put... Derek Anderson on the field?

    - Jacksonville? The Jaguars could be ready to say it's time to move on from David Garrard.

    - Any unknown team that could be ready to shake up the status quo? At this point, who really knows?

    What we do know is that quarterback play has maybe never been shakier. Guys bet benched, pulled, named backup, then starter and back under center again real frequently. I want to take a look at the most likely teams to sign Vick for next year.

    And of course, should one of these teams draft Stanford QB Andrew Luck, or Washington QB Jake Locker, then the likelihood of that team acquiring Vick can get adjusted in an extreme fashion.

    As always, read, review, debate and enjoy!

Cleveland Browns

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    Can this Man Lead the Dawg Pound?Leon Halip/Getty Images

    The Browns have definitely NOT been the bastion of great QBs since their rebirth in 1999.

    From Tim Couch on down through Brady Quinn and now, Jake Delhomme, the Dawg Pound has not witnessed a great talent behind center since Bernie Kosar (who could be debated as "great").

    Let's forget Vick's past, as it has no bearing on his ability to play the game of football. Simply put, Vick would be the best QB to play for the Browns since who, Otto Graham?

    The Browns have some young talent, when one considers Josh Cribbs, Montario Hardesty, etc., but they definitely do not have a quality signal caller.

    Vick's resume does include three Pro Bowl performances, one monumental playoff win at Green Bay (which had never been done before) and a NFC championship appearance.

    In retrospect, who does Cleveland counter with to say that is better? Seneca Wallace? C'mon, man.

    The Browns should have their bean counters trying to figure out how much cap room they can dedicate to getting this seat filler, electrifying and dare I say, winner, on their roster?

    Cleveland needs to get their representatives working on the details the day after the season ends in Philadelphia. 

Oakland Raiders

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    Can Vick help McFadden & Co. get back to the Playoffs?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Do you really think Al Davis would pass on trying to acquire the talents of a player like Vick?

    The Raiders have obviously been stumbling since going to the Super Bowl in the 2002 season.

    They have not returned to the playoffs since that season.

    They have gone through coaches like Kim Kardashian has gone through boyfriends in that time.

    They somehow got an unmotivated Number one draft pick to "play" for them with JaMarcus Russell.

    They have slowly moved into relevance again with Darren McFadden and other high draft picks.

    Expect Davis to get his GM on the phone to make their interests known in Vick as soon as they possibly can (if they have not already). Let's hope that Vick does not answer the phone unless they guarantee Ryan's predicted $50 million contract.

    The Raiders have shown nothing but total ineptitude since Rich Gannon left, and have been an embarrassment to fans like me. Vick's resurrection will be totally complete and irrefutable if he could lead the Raiders back to the playoffs, and gasp... the Super Bowl?

    It's not that I don't trust Vick. I don't trust the Raiders organization.

    I love the team and have since the days of Marcus Allen and Jim Plunkett. I just can't figure out what the heck they are trying to do and if they even have a real coach on their hands with Tom Cable.

    Let's hope he does not go to the Bay.


Arizona Cardinals

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    Vick can throw some Bombs to Fitzgerald, you think?Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    The Cardinals are at a precarious point of their existence. Having just made the Super Bowl two years ago, they are potentially going to go back down the other side of the mountain if they do not have a quality QB to pass the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, Early Doucet and their plethora of receivers.

    With Kurt Warner's retirement and the release of Matt Leinart, they obviously need a QB that can get the ball downfield. This explains why they kept Derek Anderson over Leinart, but is he really a long-term answer? I think not, especially since he could not claim the starting job in Cleveland of all places!

    I think this team would be a great fit for Vick. The situation is ideal for a QB that likes to throw long. No QB in the league throws a prettier deep ball than Vick, and with Fitzgerald or Steve Breaston going deep, his targets are plentiful.

    Don't forget, Tim Hightower and Beanie Wells allow the running game to keep the defenses honest, so no team could just go zone against them, either.

    Coach Whisenhunt is enough of a creative play-caller to allow for the multiple weapons to be used to maximum capacity.

    Michael, look long and hard at Arizona. It's a great fit.

Buffalo Bills

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    Are these guys better than Mike?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    This is my Red Cross candidate. Charity is the name of this game, because Bills owner Ralph Wilson is from my hometown.

    The Bills should not even come up in the conversation, because they are miles away from what they should be as an organization. They have Lee Evans and little else as far as receivers to throw to.

    A strong running game is in place, but they would have to add a quality receiver or two to get into the conversation.

    This is not to mention the cold and swirling winds that always hits Rich Stadium in the late fall and early winter in Orchard Park, NY.

    I'm not sure if Wilson has opened up the checkbook recently for free agents, but if I am Michael Vick, my asking price from the Bills would probably be about $10 million higher for them than others.

    Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller make for a good complement to a passing game, which benefits any QB playing for them, but I don't think I could see Vick going here unless all other offers are of the low ball variety.

    Michael, don't go to upstate New York unless you absolutely have to!

San Francisco 49ers

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    Has Smith FINALLY claimed this job?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Has Alex Smith finally claimed the starting job for the Niners? He has not had that 4-6 game stretch that showed he has finally arrived, as many other young quarterbacks have, though he has shown signs time and again.

    Coach Mike Singletary has shown that he will pull unproductive starters without any hesitation. He will also be in his third full year and is not above feeling the heat to win. I don't think that if he thinks Vick gives them the best chance to win that he will hesitate to get him into a 49er uniform.

    Think about it. This team has got playmakers at RB with Frank Gore, WR with Michael Crabtree, TE with Vernon Davis and a defense that ranks among the NFL's best.

    They must have better QB play than they have gotten over the last four years from Mr. Number One Overall Smith.

    Following in the footsteps of 49er greats is irrelevant to a degree, but Vick can call on Steve Young to get an idea of how good it is to winning in San Francisco. His abilities would be definitely complemented by what the team already has on its roster.

    A potential new dynasty could be brewing at Candlestick Park if Vick lands here.

    Look it over well, Michael. A strong young team. A weak, winnable division. A good contract and this job should be yours to have. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Can Vick step in after this man?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    Let's face it: the Brett Favre experiment ends, one way or another, after this season.

    He is going to turn 41 before this season is up, and is limping badly after these first two games.

    Tavaris Jackson, though he led the team to the playoffs the year before Favre came on, is clearly not who Brad Childress trusts and believes in.

    John David Booty? I don't think so.

    Vick can surely walk onto the Mall of America field as the starting QB next season. He would instantly keep the Vikings as a playoff team and threat to get to that next level.

    His passing game can click with Sidney Rice, as his cannon of an arm should jell with Rice's ability to run the deep pattern like few others.

    Percy Harvin will no doubt add to Vick's short and intermediate passing skills.

    Of course, Adrian Peterson's running will allow Vick to see few 3rd and long situations.

    If he wants, Brad Childress can line up Vick, Peterson and Harvin all in the backfield at the same time and let the defense try to figure out who will be running (or throwing) the football on any given play.

    Wow. Ziggy Wilf needs to consider a midseason trade to get Vick before this season is over to get him on the field in 2010, much less 2011.

Final Analysis

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    He will play in 2011... But where?Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Michael Vick, over these first two games, has shown that the flashes of wunderkind-like talent have not departed him.  The ability to make tacklers miss, outrun defenders and unleash laser-like passes did not evaporate while he missed the 2007 and 2008 seasons, nor while he was a backup last season.

    Too many teams are lacking a QB that can either make plays, move the team down the field or pose a credible threat to make the defense respect the running game.  Vick can surely do that better than starters of the teams listed earlier.

    I didn't have room to get into Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Denver or Kansas City (outside chance), as those are less likely options, but nevertheless, you cannot find 32 better QBs in the NFL right now, or even with those coming in from college after this season.

    Vick WILL play in the NFL as a starter next season, if not the rest of this season. 

    Who do You think will sign him for the 2011 season and those to come?