What to watch for in week 4 of the college football season

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What to watch for in week 4 of the college football season

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my blog. Today I am going to discuss the feature match ups in this week's schedule of the college football season. I will also discuss the feature match ups in this week's schedule of the NFL season later on in another blog post.

This week will have 9 games with teams trying to get into the rankings and teams that are trying to make a run for a national title. The first game that I plan on watching this weekend will be Alabama vs Arkansas. Both of these teams could be overrated but, two top ten teams in the same division should make it an interesting game. The two school's histories will show that this should be a defensive match up but, both of these schools have very good offenses this year. Look for this game to be a high scoring game.

Stanford is trying to make their case as to why they should be in the top ten as they play Notre Dame. Notre Dame is also coming into this season trying to prove why they should still keep their fan base. Stanford also has a high scoring offense that could drop a 50 on the scoreboard. Look for this game to be a very high scoring game with Stanford on top.

Florida is coming into week 4 at 3 and 0. Kentucky is also 3-0. If you look at Kentucky's remaining games you may mark them down for at least 4 losses. That's Auburn, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Florida's defense will be put to the test in what should be a close game. Florida needs to start strong if they want to win this week.

This week might as well be all SEC week considering that South Carolina and Auburn is playing this week. South Carolina is coming into this week looking rebuilt, and Auburn is looking rebuilt as well. It's sad to say that we could see some SEC teams drop out of the top 20, but it's also nice to say that three SEC teams could be in the top ten after this week is over. We will also be able to see which program is better, South Carolina and their high scoring offense or Auburn and their great defense? South Carolina needs to come up with 21 points in the first half if they want a chance at winning on the road against one of the better defenses in all of college football.

Boise ST was able to beat Virginia Tech on the road. Now, Virginia Tech is now 1-2 at home this year. That is also their overall record. I am not going on one of those I hate the ACC moments, but, the ACC is in a very down year this year. As for Oregon ST, they are trying to prove to the writers why they should still be one of the better college football teams this year after losing to TCU. If Boise ST wins, they beat two possible BCS teams compared to TCU's one BCS team. Boise ST doesn't have that tough a schedule after this game and TCU still has BYU, Air Force, and Utah left on their schedule. Now, if Boise ST wins they should be able to make their case as to why they should be in the title game if they go undefeated again. Look for Boise ST to make a statement this week as they take on the Oregon ST Beavers.

Another game that everyone should be keeping an eye on will be West Virginia vs LSU at LSU. West Virginia just might be the Cinderella story this year. West Virginia might be coming into their own funeral this week as they take on the Tigers of LSU. The last two opponents combined for LSU scored only ten points. What does that say about this LSU defense? Yes, West Virginia does have a decent offense but, LSU has a dominating defense. I'm taking LSU in a blow out.

Was it just me or did someone run all over Cal last week? I've got one better. That's Arizona's offense for scoring 34 against Iowa. This is why we all love college football. The Pac Ten offenses are why we all love to stay up on Saturday nights. Otherwise, we'd all be early for church on Sunday mornings. This matchup between Cal and Arizona should see a lot of rushing yards and a lot of points.

This weekend will see Oregon's first test as they walk into Arizona ST. Arizona ST lost last week because Wisconsin put all of their centers from their basketball teams up to block the extra point at the end of the game. Oregon is coming into this weekend with what looks like the best offense in all of college football. Arizona ST's offense also looks pretty darn good as well. One thing that Oregon might be complaining about after this weekend could be how hot it is in Tucson. Look for Arizona ST to come out victorious.

The other game that I will be keeping an eye on this weekend will be a game that will be on ESPN this Thursday night. Miami will be trying to prove to the world why the ACC is still one of the top conferences in all of football. Pittsburgh is still trying to prove that the loss to Utah was a fluke. These two teams should still remember each other considering that they were in the same conference a few years ago. I am taking Pittsburgh over Miami because Pittsburgh has a tough defense and the crowd will be loud.

These games should keep everyone on the edge of their seats. I'm Andrew Tanner saying good bye and good night.

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