Brandon Jacobs Needs To Shut Up and Run

Double G SportsCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Brandon Jacobs
Brandon JacobsLarry French/Getty Images

This may sound harsh, but it is my firm belief that a player should let his play do the talking, not his mouth.

As a player, you go about your business in a professional manner. After all, you are a professional athlete.

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has been doing the complete opposite so far this season, and it is getting out of control. Was this past Sunday the tipping point? Hopefully Jacobs can get his act together and help the team.

Jacobs has been complaining since it was announced that Ahmad Bradshaw would be the Giants' feature back. The job of a head coach is to put the best players on the field. In that case, Bradshaw is the right player for the job.

Bradshaw has earned the job of starting running back. He earned it on the field, not with his mouth. What a novel concept!

Brandon Jacobs' act is getting old quickly. The New York Giants need leaders, not guys that are too caught up in their egos. Not players that throw tantrums on the sidelines and mouth off to the head coach. Certainly not players that would throw their helmets into the stands, regardless of accident or not.

A player does not need to tell us he wants to play. Obviously everyone wants to play. Playing time is something you earn. Playing time is a privilege.

If Jacobs truly wants to be traded, trade him. Get this waste of space out of New York. Send Jacobs and his selfish ego somewhere else. We don’t need him.

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