Greg Romeus, Pitt's Star Defensive End, Lost His Mother This Past Sunday

Dave DeBlasioCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Football consumes our interest and time, especially now.

As fans we are sometimes too quick to reach for the biting, critical comment. We sometimes forget about the sacrifices the young players we support make every day to play the game and to keep it all together.

When Pitt defensive end Greg Romeus left the team to travel back home to Florida for personal reasons, some fans questioned Greg's dedication and focus.

But Greg was dealing with a very personal matter, one that for any one of us—especially those of us who have been through the same thing—is tragic and life-altering at the same time.

Greg's mother lost her battle with cancer and passed away Sunday.

For Greg, his mother's illness was a very private matter. We all have to respect his decision to handle it the way he saw fit.

Now our prayers and sympathy go out to him.

If you've ever been shaken to the core by a series of catastrophic events, you know time, patience, and understanding are the best antidotes.

Pitt fans are looking forward to Greg's return to the football field in six weeks, as Dave Wannstedt has stated.

Greg's return may take longer than six weeks.

As fans, we will continue to wish Greg well and deal with his absence.