Philadelphia Eagles Work Out Potential Replacement for Mike Bell

Bob CunninghamSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2010

Perhaps as an indicator that the team is re-thinking its decision to sign running back Mike Bell, they welcomed Buffalo Bills practice squad running back and undrafted free agent Joique Bell to the NovaCare complex on Monday for a workout.

Rumors began flying that Bell had officially signed on, but according to the Eagles, that has not happened just yet. "Something could happen," however, according to head coach Andy Reid.

Even Bell apparently thought he was an Eagle, since he tweeted "On the plane Heading to Philly....ur boy is a "EAGLE" now.....haha." But according to his most recent tweet, three hours ago, Bell was informed that nothing is official and let us know he's "Goin thru anotha physical."

The team didn't bring him in for nothing. Clearly they're considering making a move and want to get a look at every guy they can. The fact that they're giving (Joique) Bell a physical shows they're not messing around and, at the very least are sending a message to (Mike) Bell.

Bell was originally brought in to be the Eagles' power back. Leonard Weaver was always going to be the short-yardage guy, but when they were looking for someone who could punish the opposing defense, Bell was supposed to be that guy.

And with Weaver sidelined, Bell was going to be counted on to be the short-yardage guy as well.

But after his dreadful display in the first two weeks, it looks like the team is starting to re-think Bell's spot on the team.

The Eagles have Martell Mallett, who was impressive during the preseason, on their practice squad, but he doesn't fit the mold they're looking for if they're going to replace Mike Bell. Joique Bell, at 5'11'', 220 pounds, does. He was also very impressive in the preseason, racking up 152 rushing yards on 27 carries.

If the Birds sign Bell off the Bills' practice squad, he would immediately have to be put on the active roster, and I would expect him to be active against the Jaguars as well. The Eagles are very thin at running back and could not afford not to use him right away.

A move will likely be finalized, one way or the other, before Wednesday.