The Only Thing Mark Richt Did at Georgia

Christopher NicholasContributor IIISeptember 21, 2010

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 26: Head Coach Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs watches the action against the Arizona State Sun Devils at Sanford Stadium on September 26, 2009 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Lets Face it Mark Richet has not had the season he has wanted so far especially after going 0-2 in SEC play for the first time. Now he has averaged 10 wins a seasons while in the SEC but so has Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and Steve Spurrier (at UF). One thing those coaches have that Richet does not, is a National Championship. Now the University of Georgia Fans may have been split prior to this season as far as fans of Richt, but lets face it this shouldn’t be the season to be giving Richt the boot. So while the accomplishments of Richt may not be many, lets look at the only thing he has done as a head coach at the University of Georgia.

He Beat the BCS Busters.

            In 2005 the number 13 Georgia Bulldogs swatted away the BCS hopes of the number 19 Boise State Broncos. This would be one of the finest wins by any SEC head coach of the decade and here’s why: had Boise State won that game, the Broncos would never shut up about beating the best conference in college football and wanting a real chance at the National Championship Game and God knows that would ruin college football for traditionalists, much like myself. The second game that comes to mind is the whippin they put on the Hawaii Warriors. Again had the Hawaii Warriors won that 2008 Sugar Bowl they would be the nations only undefeated team and again, God knows we’d have another BCS controversy and be up to in our knees in lay’s with teams doing the Haka dance in pregame warm ups. Good job Richt.

            He may have failed to deliver a national title in his 9 full seasons as a Georgia Bulldog head coach, and while your most prized recruit, Matt Stafford, never won a Heisman or even an SEC title you did manage to win 2 Sugar Bowls, something that no other Georgia coach has done.