Fantasy Football: Quickie

Jeff SugarSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2006

IconNot a lot here, but some names you should be moving




Mark Brunell: Off to the worst start imaginable, Brunell will be getting his best friend (Clinton Portis) back in week 3. Look for a chance to buy cheaply, as owners will undoubtedly be selling.


Reggie Brown: Once Stallworth hit the Eagles, this guy become second fiddle. Well, if you consider Reggie Wayne numbers a bad thing, I can't help you, but I'll say right now that Brown is going to be getting those red-zone looks. Package much?


Koren Robinson: If you somehow missed this announcement, K-Rob is the Packers #2 WR. That means LOTS of love from Favre. Get him before he plays and his value jumps.




Jake Plummer: I hate to abandon JP, but he really does look awful. Let someone else with high hopes try and get this guy.


Shaun Alexander: I know, I know. He's still going to be good. But if I could, I'd be looking to trade "down" and package SA with a mediocre WR for Stephen Jackson and a WR upgrade if you get my drift. Seattle has one hell of a passing game nowadays, and I bet they use it.


Deion Branch: Sell. In an offense that spreads the ball, he isn't going to get the loving that Tom Brady gave him all of last year. This is why David Givens also sucks, ladies and gents.