Ole Miss Admininstration Making a Mockery of Ole Miss' Mascot & Traditions

Bohdi SandersContributor IIISeptember 21, 2010

Ole Miss Admininstration Making a Mockery of Ole Miss' Mascot & Traditions

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    Is the Ole Miss administration making a mockery out of the University of Mississippi by completely destroying the University's traditions? They appear to be getting rid of anything having to do with the rich tradition of the South as though they are ashamed of their own history. Let's take a look at what they are doing now with the issue of a school mascot. The following slides depict the five possibilities for the new mascot at Ole Miss and the pressing issues at the University of Mississippi.

The Ole Miss Rebels and Their Bear??

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    Yes, one of the final five choices for the new mascot is a bear! I grew up in Mississippi and hunted there all my life. Never once have I ever seen a bear in Mississippi, outside of the zoo. What does a bear have to do with Ole Miss or the Rebels?!?!?

Now, Here's a Step in the Right Direction: A Lion!

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    You got it... the next of the five finalists for the Rebel mascot is a lion! Just wonderful! Well, I guess if the Ole Miss football team ever schedules Penn State, at least some of the fans would be pleased! Give me a break!

A Horse - That's right, a Horse...

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    Well, maybe they are getting a little closer. At least I have seen horses in Mississippi. That is at least better than a bear or a lion. Maybe the Rebel fell off during battle, but the administration wants to honor the warrior's horse for its courage under fire! Yes, it is the Ole Miss Rebels and their famous riderless horse! This makes perfect sense...

The Land-Shark - Yeah, That's the Ticket!

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    Another one of the great picks for the Ole Miss mascot is the land-shark. Again, I have to ask what the hell this has to do with the name Ole Miss Rebels? Yes, I know that the Ole Miss football team's defense has adopted the name "land-sharks" as their own motivational team name. Sharks don't do very well on grass, or on artificial turf for that matter. At least this idea has some basis in reality - the Ole Miss defense is playing like a shark out of water!

Last, But Not Least - The Hotty Toddy Character!

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    Great! Like Houston Nutt hasn't already given all the other SEC teams enough to laugh at, now the Ole Miss administration is actually suggesting that the school's mascot be some character named "Hotty Toddy." What a wonderful idea! They could just find a drunk fraternity student and let him run around the field with the Mississippi flag. At least that would be more realistic than any of the other choices, not to mention more entertaining! Or maybe just find some wino who is willing to work for free drinks. Wow!

I Can See How All Of Those Choices Are So Much Better Than Colonel Reb

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    Obviously all of the five finalist for the new Ole Miss Mascot are much better choices than the traditional Colonel Reb. They all have so much more to do with the state of Mississippi and the school. They all symbolize the Rebels more than an actual Rebel character. Absolutely! These choices make perfect sense. They are something that every Ole Miss student and fan can take pride in! No one would ever think to mock the University of Mississippi for any of those wonderful, not to mention meaningful, mascot options. Right?

Everyone Wants a New Mascot Because The Old One Just Had To Go

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    Ole Miss absolutely had to get rid of the old mascot because it was just so offensive. Students demanded that he go, so the administration had to act, right? After all, Colonel Reb was a symbol of the Old South, and everyone knows that the Old South was just a horrible, racist institution with no character or redeeming qualities, right? Everyone was so offended by the lovable old man who walked around the stadium giving kids high fives and jumping when the Rebels scored. How horrible! The administration just had to put a stop to all of that behavior and that racist old man. Any rational human being would know how terrible this mascot was and totally agree that a lion or a bear would represent the school much better! Jeez...

How Much Longer Before The Name "Ole Miss" Is Banned?

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    The administration at the University of Mississippi has successfully run roughshod over the Ole Miss alumni, students and fans. One has to wonder just how much longer it will be before they decide that the name "Ole Miss" is not appropriate for such an esteemed institution. How much political correctness will the people of Mississippi put up with before they say enough is enough? Maybe Ole Miss alumni should demand that the school administration stop making a mockery of the University. Instead of getting rid of Colonel Reb, the fans should demand that the administration, Pete Boone and Houston Nutt be fired and Colonel Reb be reinstated.

    It is not Colonel Reb or the band playing Dixie that is making Ole Miss look bad. It is Pete Boone's hiring decisions, Houston Nutt's coaching, and the administration's asinine decisions that are making a mockery of Ole Miss. The administration has destroyed the University's traditions and pride. Pete Boone should be famous for his wonderful coaching hires - Orgeron and Nutt. And, well, every college football fan knows what Houston Nutt has done with the Ole Miss football program! When are the Ole Miss fans and alumni going to put a stop to this runaway train?

Stand Up and Demand Respect Mississippians!

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    If the Rebel fans do not stand up and demand that the University administration quit this politically correct nonsense, the University of Mississippi will soon become the laughing stock of the South. It is already happening, bit by bit.The latest ingenious decision made by the Ole Miss administration's to ban the sale of anything with Colonel Reb on it, like the decal at the top of this slide.

    Enough is enough! Demand that your school administration respect the school's traditions, and if they refuse, send them packing. Do not let the administration do to this great university what Houston Nutt has done to the Ole Miss football team! Have a little backbone and salvage what's left of Ole Miss' tradition and pride! If the administration and politically correct politicians continue to disrespect the rich traditions of the University, stop supporting them. If they see their decisions affecting their bottom line, they will back off. Where do you draw the line Rebel fans?