UFC 119: What Matt Serra Must Do To Beat Chris Lytle

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2010

Congratulations Indianapolis.

Not only are you the home to the best quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning, but you are also set to host one of the most intriguing cards the UFC has put together this year, UFC 119.

One fight that should be on everyone's radar heading into Saturday is a rematch between TUF Four finalists Matt Serra and Chris Lytle.

While Serra managed to eke out a close split decision win nearly four years ago, the former UFC welterweight champion could find himself in more hostile waters this time around; not only will they be fighting in front of Lytle's hometown, but Chris Lytle has looked tremendous winning his last three fights.

Just because Lytle has looked impressive as of late doesn't mean that Serra won't be able to make history repeat itself.

In order for Serra to be successful in this fight, he is going to need to be methodical and deliberate with everything that he does—see, Chris Lytle is at his best when the heat is on and the fists are flying.

Serra must let the fight come to him. He may be heavy handed and an underrated striker in his own right but Chris Lytle is not the kind of fighter you want to get into a pissing match with.

Once Serra has lured Lytle in, he needs to get the fight to the ground where he can put his years of BJJ training to work.

Lytle is a strong grappler—in fact, 19 of his 29 wins have come by way of submission, but he is not the caliber of grappler that Matt Serra is.

On the ground, Serra will be able to utilize his superior skill and technique to control the action and win the position battle, ultimately winning the battle on the cards.

If Serra wins this fight, it will be because he forced Lytle into a technical showdown and not a battle of grit and will.

Will Serra be able to control the action and defeat Chris Lytle? I guess you will have to just buy the card and watch for yourself this Saturday.