Inside Football: What Makes A Legend?

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Inside Football: What Makes A Legend?

Inside Football brings you an inside look on debatable issues in the football world.

A fellow writer, Ricky O'Neal, recently wrote an excellent article about legends, asking if the best footballers today have reached legendary status.

Can we say that the best players today are legends?

Why not? Can anyone deny that Zinedine Zidane is a legend? The French playmaker retired two years ago following the 2006 World Cup, and he is already tagged a legend. Is Kaka a legend? He is surely on the way to a legacy. Why?

Kaka loves football; he has a good attitude and is incredibly skilful. What about Cristiano Ronaldo, is he a legend? No.

What makes a Legend?

The dazzling skills? Morality? A good attitude? Loyalty? Determination? Consistency? Sportsmanship? Actually all of these qualities.

A legend should have the skills that amaze fans. A legend should be an idol to kids, and above all, be modest (this makes Ronaldo far from legendary status).

A legend is someone who doesn't say, think or believe that he is a legend, but has to have the hunger of a rookie. A legend should live for football; a legend should love football.

A legend should keep on training. Money, women and partying should not take him away from the game. Ronaldinho was taken, and was booed out of Camp Nou.

People like Pele more than Maradona. Why? Well, both were great players, but Maradona is known to have had problems in his life. Maradona scored a goal using his hand. Pele never did that.

Pele seems to be a better sportsman. That is among the traits of a true legend. 

A legend should have the loyalty of Paolo Maldini and the sportsmanship of Dennis Bergkamp; he should be a hero, a consistent and determined hero.

The stuff that makes a man an idol to children and a fan-favorite turns a player into a legend. Having love for football, having respect for the game and anticipating every match with modesty, that is what makes a legend...

Follow the link below to view Ricky O'Neill's article: 

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