Five Things Brandon Jacobs Could Have Given The Fan For His "Lost" Helmet

Carl Wright Jr.Contributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Five Things Brandon Jacobs Could Have Given The Fan For His "Lost" Helmet

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    We all saw this on Sunday Night Football.  Our first question was "how did that idiot get his helmet into the stands?"  We then found out why Brandon Jacobs plays Running Back instead of Quarterback.  He has an awful arm.  After being pulled, he tried to throw his helmet against the bench and missed and sent the helmet ten rows up into the stands.

    The fans that caught the helmet didn't want to return it, but were forced to return the helmet...not that Jacobs needed it back.

    Here are five things Jacobs could have traded the fan for his helmet back.

No. 5: A Signed Jersey

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    After reversing field when you are a 265 pound running back, and then throwing you helmet into the stands, it's pretty obvious you won't be returning to the game.  Jacobs should have put on a fake smile and taken off his jersey and signed it for the fan after the game.  Would it ever happen?  No.  But T.O. carries around an extra sharpie and players sign jerseys all of the time.  Why not Brandon?

No. 4: Football

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    How many times have we seen players score a touchdown and throw a ball into the stands?  Or they walk to the sideline and do the same thing.  Could Jacobs not have told an official to give the fan a football?  Or could he not have given it to him personally?  Heck, he could have had the team sign the ball.  Brandon, you could have hurt someone throwing this.  The least you could do is give him something.

No. 3: A Locker Room Pass

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    He could have told officials to let the man into the locker room after the game.  He could meet some players, get autographs or photos, heck, for all we know he could be a doctor and could treat some of the Giants physical and emotional wounds after that awful showing.

No. 2: Money

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    While he may be out of his job soon, Jacobs still has played in the NFL for years.  He is a multi-millionaire.  After the game he could have written him a check for what the helmet would have fetched on eBay.  It's not like Jacobs is dirt poor.  Jacobs definitely could have given him some dough for the helmet.

No. 1: Let Him Keep The Helmet

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    Let's see...

    Jacobs just reversed field when he's bigger than every Colt defender on the field.  That's right.  Every single defender.  Then, when pulled, he threw his helmet into te stands.  Ahmad Bradshaw had already replaced him as the starting running back.  In a game with the score like it was, did Jacobs feel he would get anymore playing time?  If he did, he's dumber than I thought.  Jacobs was obviously done for the night.  Just let the man keep the helmet.  You could have hurt him or the others in attendance.