R.I.P. Remembering the deceased Wrestlers and what impact they could have had

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

After looking at numerous old videos of deceased wrestlers ir saddens me so much,it more then saddens me,Because whenever a current wrestler or legendary wrestler dies it feels like you are losing somebody you know very well.So I am paying a tribute article to the ones that are deceased.If I forget any please don't criticize me,there is a lot of wrestlers that have been deceased.lets go down the list:

1.Owen Hart - The Younger brother of The Hart Family,He has not been credited for being a former WWE Champion,but let me tell you guys something,He IS a former WWE Champion,he only kept it less then 2 minutes when he beat Bret Hart.Owen was one of the best little men to ever compete at 220 pounds.Truly the best,he also had a terrific rivalry against Triple H in the past too and D-X.There is no doubt in my mind Owen would have jumped from WWE to TNA if he was still living,TNA seems more down his ally and it seems if Owen was still alive he would have been in TNA and compete as TNA Champ for a good while.This man died because of a stunt WWE wanted him to do,that sickens me to think that a stupid stunt caused his death.

2.Big Boss Man - Not the best Technical wrestler in the world,but one heck of a power house,he competed in main event quality matches and teamed with main eventers at times,This man could have been a former WWE Champion.but he is only known for being a former Tag Team Champion and former Hardcore Champion in WWE.If Big Boss Man was still living he would most likely be in TNA right now or in Japan competing

3.Brian Pillman - This guy was a loose Cannon,unpredictable!i had the pleasure to see him on TV compete and fight!he knew how to put up a heck of a show!and he was enjoyed.he didnt have much accomplishment but being The Cruiserweight Champion.Brian Pillman would have most likely still been in WWE on ECW if he was still living and making big time shows!

4.The Sheik - The original King of Hardcore,If you want to see the way The original Sheik was,Just look at Sabu.Sabu is related to this man!thats where Sabu got his hardcore fighting style from.The Sheik bought fireballs and anything else he can get his hands on,he made a difference to bring in Hardcore wrestling early on.If he was still living Even though he wouldn't be a wrestler,he would have most likely served as a trainer for the younger.

5.Junkyard Dog - one of the most entertaining kid like characters to come close of being main event for the WWE Championship,he made the Hall of Fame,He made his own song too "Grab Them Cakes" and he is known for the Doggy Butt and the Thump too!If Junkyard Dog was still living he would have most likely been competing against Carlito during his storyline against the legends and still serve as a trainer.

6.Road Warrior Hawk - This man was off the chain!i enjoyed him with Road Warrior Animal,it doesn't matter who they team Animal with,Hawk and Animal will always be the original Legion of Doom.The Road Warriors has won every single Tag Team just about in all the major companies.If Road Warrior Hawk was still living,i think him and Animal would have went to TNA to compete as a Tag Team.

7.Mr.Perfect - He was the perfection of Wrestling,this man was absolutely perfect,He never won a World Title,but winning the U.S and Intercontinental Title belts are still good.This man had charisma beyond imagination,He was perfect to have at nearly 240 pounds.He is probably arguably the best legend to NEVER win a WWE Championship.If Curt Hennig was still living i think he would still be inactive and retired from wrestling but still make appearances.

8.Rick Rude - This man was one of a few to be considered 251 pounds and have an intimidating neckbreaker.i dont know much about this guy to be honest other then a few matches and him with D-X.But this man seemed real good.and im sure if he was still living he would be a trainer for WWE or probably working independent.

9.Crash Holly - Crash Holly was one of the most Hardcore Wrestlers!He can wrestle Hardcore!he can turn around and do high flying for the Light Heavyweight Title Belt and he can grapple and go for the European Title belt!and of course Tag Team became his specialty too.This guy died Young!he died while still on the Smackdown Roster,This guy was entertaining and I think it would have been just the beginning for him.i think if Crash was still living he would have been to TNA by now.

10.Yokozuna - Another main eventer who died too soon,I enjoyed his Casket match with Undertaker,One of the biggest to step in!and land The Banzai Drop!This man was just a flat out Brawler for his size.If he was still living he would have most likely still been competing in WWE to win a few more titles and then compete in TNA.

11.Miss Elizabeth - Well not much of a wrestler,but she was great with Macho Man Randy Savage,She is known for the big wedding with Macho Man Randy Savage.She is known for her time in WCW and ECW.i am almost positive if she was still living she would have stayed inactive from wrestling.

12.Eddie Guerrero - another man still wrestling on the roster who just died while on the roster,an amazing guy!lots of Charisma!lots of Speed!lots of Strength!This man was bound to be WWE Champion like 4 times At the most.Eddie Guerrero made rivalrys!He was someone people just flat out loved to hate!or a guy people loved to love!This man competed in WCW , ECW and of course WWE.his time was cut so short.he was still young and had years left in him.Its a gurantee if Eddie was still in WWE he would still be in WWE its a gurantee.

13.Bam Bam Bigelow - Bam Bam's time was cut short too,because it was rumored he was coming back to wrestling for a little while longer,Bam Bam was a big man who can jump off the ropes be a powerhouse and a hardcore wrestler,dangerous man known for the tattoos on top of his bald head.His time was the best when he was in ECW,he had very good success in WCW also.but nothing compared to what he had in ECW.i gurantee if he still was living he would have been involved with TNA then inactive again.

14.Andre The Giant - This man died of something that could have possibly been controlled which was gigantism,he was over 7"0 tall and he could have had it surgically removed but he refused to.This man was a former WWE Champ and former Tag Team Champion and left his mark on that Famous Wrestlemania 3.if Andre was Still living he would have probably made a "Giant" challenge to Big Show and The Great Khali in a triple threat match and then go inactive for good.

15.Freddie Blassie - Classie Freddie Blassie,one of the most legendary legends of all time of managers,he also had a signature move of a Stomach Clawhold and a neckbreaker,and also known for an Airplane Spin (on people who are not wrestlers).I seen him for the last time on a RAW episode when The Dudley Boys put 3 Minute Warning through a table.i gurantee Freddie Blassie would be associated with TNA and inactive if he was still living.

16.Earthquake - He was known as Earthquake and teaming with Typhoon.He also turned into a comedy person as Golga with The Oddities wearing a gold mask.If he was still living i think Earthquake would be inactive.

17.Chris Benoit - i dont wanna discuss this man much,because im disgusted in what he did,but if he was still living he would have still been in WWE and competing main event on Smackdown.

18.Mike Awesome - Mike Awesome one of the old ECW Favorites.again i dont know much about this dude other then watching him briefly on ECW.If he was still living i think he would be in TNA right now.

19.Peter Maivia - I dont know anything about this man other then he is the Grandfather of The Rock,and the fact that he couldnt stand The Rock's daddy Rocky Johnson.i gurantee he would be inactive if still living.

20.Brian Adams - known for being Demolition Crush,and being part of the nWo in WCW,a true powerhouse despite me not having the pleasure of not being able to see him that much.i gurantee he would be in WWE then jump to TNA if he was still living.

21.British Bulldog - This man as underated and one of the few to be main event quality and never win a WWE Title belt.he was taken to the tag team and hardcore division and had accomplished both,Also being the first European Champion certainly is something he will be remembered for definetly.i think if British bulldog was still wrestling,he would have been with WWE,then go to TNA.

22.The Wall - i never seen this man much except for a few tapings of WCW,this man was a monster and wasnt used right without question.if he was still around im sure WWE would have brought him to WWE.

23.Chris Candido - this is another understimated force of nature,Chris Candido was a heck of a striker,and quick as heck!when i last seen him he was 228 pounds.If he was still living i think he would be involved with MMA and UFC right now.

24.Bobby Duncum Jr - i never seen this guy,but i look at his resume he accomplished very little in WCW.his Full Nelson slam looked killer from a pic my cousin gave me once during a WCW taping.i gurantee if he was still living he would be in TNA right now.

25.Kerry,Chris,David,Fritz Von Erich - never really known the Von Erich's well other then the Claw hold.but i respected these guys from what i see.if they were all still alive they would all be inactive.

26.Nancy Benoit - She was cut short,but she developed a terrific career. i dont know much about her,but if she was still living she would have remained inactive.

27.Bruiser Brody - This man i definetly know nothing about,but i heard good things about him occasionally.if he was still living,he would be involved with japan.

28.Sensational Sherri - This woman was truly sensational!i loved this woman!my heart literally melted when i heard she passed away.she was amazing!She is known for being involved with HBK,She also was the first one to sing HBK's Song "Sexy Boy".a true phenominal woman!if She was still living she would have remained inactive without question.

29.Fabouliss Moolah - This is the best Womans Champion ever!holding the title longer then any other woman ever!true hall of famer for the Womens Division.She was known for making surprise appearances with Mae Young and humiliating wrestlers and just being there.i gurantee if Moolah was still living she would have still been inactive but still make appearances on RAW and Smackdown.

30.Big Dick Dudley - He is best known for being the Extended Family Member of The dudley Boyz.The big muscles of the Dudley Boyz.not the best Technical Wrestler in the world but ECW was right down his Ally for sure!if he was still living i gurantee he would be on TNA.

31.Dino Bravo - a legend,but i know nothing about him sadly.but he looks pretty tough.and from the looks of it he would have been associated with TNA if he was still living.

These are the wrestler that have died and this is my little article tribute to all the dead wrestlers of the wrestling organization.Some have recently died others been dead for years,but may they all Rest in Peace.