Texas Vs. Texas Tech: Est. 2008- The Red Raider Rivalry

Denise CharlesContributor IIISeptember 20, 2010

Texas Quarterback Garrett Gilbert needs to be consistent in order to score against the Red Raiders.
Texas Quarterback Garrett Gilbert needs to be consistent in order to score against the Red Raiders.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Forget the much anticipated Red River Rivalry game about two weeks away.  The 2-0 Texas Longhorns will partake in a much more recent rivalry Saturday: The Red Raider Rivalry.  The Longhorns will return to Lubbock—the field where all dreams were lost, in regards to their championship hopes for the 2008 season—and face the 2-0 Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Regardless of the fact that the Longhorns did beat Rice and Wyoming, Texas Tech will be the first real hurdle of their 2010 season, in which the Longhorns should be concerned.   Despite the Longhorns’ low rushing and passing yards, in comparison to the Red Raiders, the Longhorns might have a shot at redemption if they sharpen their game.

The Longhorns have not performed as a top ten tanked team, thus far—and in order to do so, they need to impress this weekend against another Big 12 team.  There are a few things they should consider while traveling to Lubbock:

  • The Longhorns need to move the ball towards the end zone.  During the Rice and Wyoming game, the Longhorns failed to do much with the ball in each first half.  Granted, they achieved doing so after halftime—it needs to be more consistent and less nail-biting.  Longhorn Quarterback Garret Gilbert has completed 62% of his passes so far this season.  Although there is no resemblance of a McCoy/Shipley partnership between the new starting QB and a receiver, Gilbert has been spreading the ball enough to get the job done.  Hopefully, he has found his groove with his receivers and can improve all numbers this weekend against Tech.
  • The Longhorns need to stop Tech’s Quarterback Taylor Potts.  In his first two games, Potts has thrown 87 passes with 56 completions and seven touchdowns. The Longhorns need to instill passing pressure on the QB and give Tech their first loss of the season.  The Longhorn defense has proven strong and should be able to stop this well-rounded QB on his home turf.


No matter the pre-game facts, the player stats, and the history between the teams, one thing is for certain: this game will be tough for both teams, physically and emotionally.  So long as the Longhorn defense can put a lid on Potts and the offense can shake things up a bit and make big, bold, SUCCESSFUL plays, then all should be well.  The Longhorns will rise by a slight margin (and at least higher than the Red Raiders bleachers did two years ago) and they will certainly cheer louder than any silent fan of the Raiders.  So let the scare tactics by the fans and team of the Red Raiders begin because the Longhorns should prevail.