John Cena vs. Batista: Dream Match?

adam smereckiCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

Let's begin by asking, "why?"

Why is the Cena vs. Batisita match at Summer Slam being billed as a "Dream Match"? Does the fact that the WWE is calling the match a dream match make it so? Or do the fans decide? 

The WWE this past Monday on Raw gave us a few reasons why the match is a dream match, or at least why they are billing it as such. The WWE believes the facts are clear: Both men have been individual and tag team champions, both men have main event-ed Wrestlemania, and here's the best reason...they have never faced each other until now.

Those reasons are not good enough. Ignoring the fact that there really has been no build up to this match (which Cena stated on Raw) or any storyline whatsoever, this match is not a "Dream Match."

For this match to be great there really has to be something more. A belt on the line would be nice! That way pride is not the only factor. Maybe a No. 1 contender stipulation? (Mike Adamle probably forgot to say that when he announced the match in the first place).

Even with those stipulations this match is not a dream match. Give this match another couple years and it will qualify.

Dream matches are Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle, or Sting vs. HBK. Matches like those seem to be unreachable, and if they were ever to take place would seem like a dream. Hence the term "Dream Match". 

Hogan vs. Flair was billed as a dream match for years, but really fell short and became somewhat of a stinker. We all remember Hogan vs. Andre the Giant and the build up to Wrestlemania III. That match had something that cannot be re-created. Even though Hogan and Andre had faced each other before, that match just had "it".

Cena vs. Batista is no Hogan vs. Andre. Especially with no build up.