Jericho Comments On The Future Status With Him and The WWE!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2010

Well Night of Champions has come and gone. As most know by now Jericho did not win the WWE title. This of course has opened up a new can of worms for everyone to feed on. Jericho decided to comment on what the dirt sheets have reported.

While he may have not said much, he did make a somewhat of an important statement. In two sentences he not only took shots at the dirt writers, but he also left everyone hanging. You can probably take a couple different meanings from his tweet’s, but I will let you guys decide for yourself.

Here is what Jericho posted recently on his Twitter

“Since I've apparently made my last appearance in the WWE, I guess I have nothing to do tomorrow..”

“The websites have spoken!!! Whatever, I'm goin to Calgary tomorrow so I'll let yall hash it out..”

While there aren’t a lot of details involved in the messages; you can tell by Jericho’s no answer that he is still being hush hush about the situation. It will be interesting over the next couple of weeks for sure. Don’t rule out that he hasn’t re-signed.

In the past Jericho has always kept his status in question. In a way that’s a good thing, it gives the fans something to chew on. I wouldn’t be surprised though if Jericho did re-up his contract. He is releasing a new book and a DVD set on September 28th.

Then again, I may be a Jerichoholic in denial.


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