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much apologies... best pic I could find
much apologies... best pic I could findJim Rogash/Getty Images

       I was finally in awe once again at a WWE PPV. I have not been able to make that statement in a very long time. The superstars that SHOULD have won, did win last night in Chicago , well except one. The show had a great build for the last 4 weeks and some feuds, as we know, dated back years ago. It wasn't just a night of heels jobbing as usual and the baby face's riding into the sunset. It was a night filled with intrigue, suspense, and a night where some long years on the road FINALLY paid off.

    I was so relieved when Dolph Ziggler finally pinned Kofi Kingston, pretty much, cleanly. I know Vicky was a tad to blame, but the pinfall was clean. Dolph deserved this a looong time ago when he feuded with Rey-Rey but we all know what happens when you feud with the 619. Hopefully know he will retain for a few months and have some memorable matches as IC champ.

    The next match is the ONLY reason this was not a PERFECT night. In his hometown of Chicago, the WWE creative team just could not allow our straight-egde savior a clean victory over the Big Show. The crowd continued chanting "CM PUNK, CM PUNK," even after Punk insulted them, the city, and the White Sox. I really thought maybe it was possible. Punk's over the top rope plancha onto the floor was sick. But as usual Big Show's one hand stops it all. Besides what they are doing to John Morrison, CM Punk's jobbing is a travesty.

    Then it was time for the match with arguably the best build going into the PPV. The feud that begun on the first season of NXT. The match for the United States Championship was finally upon us. Could the MIZ, Mr. Money Bank in the Bank, finally put the critics to sleep with a win over "The Best In The World", "THe American Dragon" himself Bryan Danielson  ( I know, I know Daniel Bryan .) The Miz controlled the match from the outset really working Danielson's arm over. As soon as Danielson got the upper hand you saw the skill set that reminded you why he is "The Best in the World." When it was all over MIZ TAPPED. The crowd in Chicago went nuts and Daniel Bryan was the new United States Champion. As he stood in the ring and stared so gleefully at the belt you could really see the emotion he was going through. All those long years on the road finally culminated into winning WWE gold. It is the pinacle of professional wrestling, like or not.

     I will keep this simple. I love LAY/COOL. I know they are annoying and act like school girls but Michelle McCool is one of the greatest female wrestlers to have grace a WWE ring. I don't care if she won clean or not, at least Melina is not the Undisputed Woman's WWE Champion. Those stupid superwoman poses she does are pathetic. When she tried to look to the crowd and pose last night, Michelle grabbed her by the hair and through her to the floor, LOVED IT. That's enough, LAY/COOL victorious.

    Then the evening turned dark as the UnderTaker faced his brother Kane. The big red machine HAD to win this match to keep this feud going. Taker has always beaten his brother so on this night, things had to be different. Kane won clean, which is what counts. This is his last hoorah, let Kane enjoy just a little bit longer. We all know it will come to an end.

    Im not even wasting much effort on WWE's pathetic Tag Team Division. Someone has to lock the WWE creative team in a room and show them the most recent TAG TEAM WARS in ROH. Show them what tag team wrestling is alive ans well. Show them why the "Kings of Wrestling" are the Best in the World right now ( I witnessed them pin MCMG so I don't want to hear it. ) So we all knew after SmackDown that The Hart Dynasty was gonna drop the belts when they lost to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and "The Chosen One" Drew Mcintyre. I'm assuming the PPV was running behind so they through in the other teams so they match could run down the clock a few more minutes. That is the only sense I made of it. So we have new WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS to debut on SYFY, a heel tag team no less, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew Mcintyre.


      The Main Event finally came upon us. Would Chris Jericho really retire if he didn't walk out of Chicago the new WWE champion? Would SHEAMUS finally prove his is worthy of the WWE title?  Would Wade Barrett shock the world and take the WWE title to the NEXUS?  Would John Cena make us put our foots through the television and once again become WWE champ?  Besides not knowing officially about Chris Jericho yet all the above did NOT happen and finally "THe Viper" Randy Orton stands alone at the top of the WWE mountain. He has the look, the ability, and all the attributes to be on top for as long as he wants to. The end match celebration was captured well last night and the camera stayed in the ring and let us join in on the celebration. The NEXUS storyline was fueled with Barrett eliminating Cena, so hopefully soon we will find out what "The Big Picture" is that Mr. Barrett speaks of.

    For now, it was great to finally see the most deserving athletes win last night.... besides CM PUNK as mentioned above. It was a PPV worth the $40 and the 2.75 hours of my time. It was great to count along with the pinfalls and feel that suspense again when your just not quite sure he is going to win. It was great to see a real true pro wrestler like Daniel Bryan win his first WWE title. It was just a great last night to be a professional wrestling fan.  

the end for now......