Michael Phelps to Have Perfect Season. Sound Familier?

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 12, 2008

Michael Phelps. An American Icon that is used in the same sentence as mom and apple pie. Is there anything about this guy that isn't to like? He's young, innocent, and freakishly talented. So why wouldn't he be expected to have the perfect Olympics? What is it about Americans and perfection? Do I need to remind you that this is only the second hope for a perfect season this year?

Michael Phelps is without a doubt, the greatest swimmer to hit the pool. He is so good it's not even funny, but expecting a perfect Olympics from this guy is just asking too much. America must have gotten over the Super Bowl quicker than I thought. The Patriots had a season to remember, having a perfect regular season while breaking records along the way, but it was that one game, the Super Bowl, that put New England's dream season among the forgotten.

It will be the same with Phelps. He will have one of the most successful Olympics ever, but to get every medal is unrealistic. I will assume the role as the bad guy if I have to, but I really am rooting for this guy. I hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it.