Living Legacy: Why Randy Orton Is On-Pace To Become The Greatest In WWE History

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Living Legacy: Why Randy Orton Is On-Pace To Become The Greatest In WWE History
Will Randy Orton become the greatest Superstar in WWE history?

At the age of 30, he has done it all.

Quite literally, he is a living legacy: a first-ballot, future Hall of Fame superstar who has turned the industry on its head, broken records that many don't even know to exist, and left in his wake a laundry list of legends longer than any resume in the history of the professional wrestling.

He is a seasoned veteran with more main-event experience than your heroes, having done so before the age at which most of his contemporaries even became relevant.

He is Randy Orton.


The Legend-Killer, the Viper, the One-Man Dynasty.

The WWE champion.

The living proof that to look into the eyes of greatness, all one has to do is follow the trail blazed by the greatest performer of our era.


"I've said this before—what is this, his fifth or sixth breakout?—he is the best guy we've got. He is certainly the best performer of my generation."

John Cena (February 2009)


Some things are subjective, and while as wrestling fans we may all like to think that we're entitled to our own opinions, personal preferences cannot change reality.

"And you can't fight the future."

You want to talk about a "youth movement"? Stare into the eyes of the Viper. Don't be blinded by the championship gold alone; you're looking at something special.

Young enough to be a rookie, yet seasoned enough to school The Rock.

Fresh enough to ignite an audience, yet accomplished enough to rid the world of half its ink.

Open up the record book and get your construction crew ready; this man deserves his own wing in the Hall of Fame.

So I say unto you, fellow Ortonites and curious readers alike, prepare yourself to be treated to the reality that is...


Randy Orton's Road to Sports Entertainment Immortality.

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