Jets Soar Over New England Patriots: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Sean Keane@@keanedawg86Correspondent ISeptember 21, 2010

Jets Soar Over New England Patriots: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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    The week following a loss is always rough. That's especially true when that loss comes at the hands of the New York Jets.

    The Buffalo Bills can't arrive in Foxboro soon enough.

    Still, there were a few positives we can take from this game—along with a whole lot of negatives and a heaping pile of just plain ugly.

    Here's this week's the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

Good: Randy Moss

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    Inquiring minds wanted to know if Moss would be vacationing on Revis Island this weekend. Luckily the slouch showed up for work instead. Moss was on a mission to prove he could get the best of Revis.

    He dropped a deep touchdown early, but that would have been the play of the year, so you can't really fault the guy. Actually, come to think of it, he dropped a few passes across the middle as well, and Tom Brady got into trouble trying to force him the ball.

    So Moss wasn't great overall, but c'mon, did you see that touchdown catch? It was his signature move—the catch ONLY Randy Moss can make. It was a one-handed display of poetry in motion.

    And guess who he beat on the play?

    You guessed it: Revis.

    Moss torched him so badly that Revis pulled a hamstring trying to catch up. Then he made one of the most incredible catches I've ever seen.

    That slouch can play.

Good: Fred Taylor

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    Fragile Fred looked really good early in this game. He was running with authority and hitting the hole with some serious power.

    I was shocked to see the Patriots stop feeding him the ball. He looked like their best running back by a wide margin, yet they inexplicably insisted on BenJarvus Green-Ellis. He says it wasn't due to injury, so why?

Good: Aaron Hernandez

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    The rookie tight end from Florida proved once again that he's an explosive playmaker. He caught all six passes thrown his way and led the team with 101 yards receiving.

    His biggest play of the day came on third down when he caught a pass from Brady and turned upfield, ripping off a 46-yard gain.

    It was that play that set up the touchdown to Moss.

Bad: Tom Brady

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    I didn't think I'd ever say it, but Brady just didn't bring his A-game. He forced the ball to Moss too much, and it cost him. He was intercepted twice looking for the big play deep.

    In the first half he looked spectacular, making all his throws with decisiveness and accuracy. It was shades of 2007, working the middle of the field to Wes Welker and Hernandez.

    For some reason the Patriots abandoned any semblance of organized offense in the second half, and Brady had six consecutive incompletions, the most of his career.

    Adding insult to injury, during their last gasp offensively, Brady was hit and fumbled to seal the game.

Bad: Kevin Faulk

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    Speaking of injuries, Kevin Faulk left the game with one. He's an unsung hero on this team, and they need him badly.

    His presence was missed immediately when Sammy Morris dropped a swing pass with room in front of him. Faulk's absence was one of many reasons Brady looked so uncomfortable.

    Here's the worst part: Word is he's done for the season.

Bad: Darius Butler

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    Simply put, he got torched. The Jets beat him like he owed them money. It was ugly.

    When he wasn't giving up easy catches, he was being called for huge pass interference yards. Some of the calls were questionable, but he put himself in that position by getting toasted in the first place.

Bad: Brandon Meriweather

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    Patriots Pro Bowl safety Brandon Meriweather didn't start on Sunday. What was that?

    He played most of the game, so I seriously doubt he was hurt. Why didn't he start? He's clearly their best defensive back.

    My guess is he broke some team rule and was out of the starting lineup as a result.


    Meriweather, by his own admission, has been doing his own thing on defense, at times abandoning what he was coached to do. So Bill Belichick benched him. That's not a good sign.

Bad: Stephen Gostkowski

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    He had a field goal called back thanks to a penalty. Then he missed his second attempt.

    It didn't make a huge difference in the end, but long-term, it's not a good sign when your kicker gets flustered in a hostile environment.

Ugly: Patriots' Second Half

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    Brady summed it up best in his postgame remarks: "...we just sucked. That's what it comes down to."

    The Jets offense that was so anemic against the Ravens in Week 1 managed 21 straight points to close the game. The Patriots didn't score a point in the second half.

Ugly: Rex Ryan

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    He's seriously one of my least favorite figures in sports.

    I thought at least a dozen times during the game, "If I could punch one person square in the face, it would be Rex Ryan."

    A loss to the Jets hurts, but his presence is salt in the wound.

Ugly: Braylon Edwards

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    Okay, so this idiot scores a touchdown and gets a taunting penalty for performing a dance that resembled trying to keep his balance on roller skates. 

    You'd think he'd learn his lesson, right?


    He catches a two-point conversion and comes dangerously close to drawing another taunting call. He keeps thrusting his Kimbo Slice beard where it doesn't belong—in opponents' faces.

    The Jets came out with a win even if Edwards showed their ugly side, but just when we thought Edwards was finished...

    He gets a DWI after the game. In the early morning hours he blows a 0.16, twice the limit.

    Rex Ryan has expressed his obligatory disappointment.

    Wanna bet who said or did something rude enough to nearly qualify as harassment?