WWE Night of Champions Results: 10 Things We Learned

Dan PowerSenior Analyst ISeptember 20, 2010

WWE Night of Champions Results: 10 Things We Learned

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    Like any pay-per-view, Night Of Champions taught the fans a lot of things.

    Some were good news and some were bad.

    The show delivered a good share of surprises and new champions.

    With no more introduction, let's see the 10 things we learned from Night Of Champions.

1. The Tag Team Division Is Still Going Nowhere

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    The WWE confirmed things will not improve anytime soon for the tag team division. I have already mentioned the division was in bad shape (1).

    It doesn't help to have a team put together randomly few weeks ago as the new Champions.

    Why give the brand new Unified Tag Team Belts to The Hart Dynasty, a legit duo, if it was just to give them away to Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre? 

    I don't dislike the team they form, but why them? Rhodes was lately pushed in singles competition, and McIntyre is not exactly a tag team wrestler.

    And why a Turmoil match? This is probably the worst match concept to help the division.

    The first three matches were way too short. You won't build any team's credibility with matches lasting less than two minutes.


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2- The Divas Division Needs Help: McCool Is the Unified Divas & Women Champion

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    Michelle McCool improved a bit in the last months, but she is not worthy of the Unified Championship. Some are saying it's only because she's The Undertaker's wife, but I won't start this debate.

    However, she is far from being one of the best Divas on the roster. She was even not the legit Women's Champion. The real champion should be Layla, because she is the one who actually pinned Beth Phoenix.

    Aloisa's release and McCool's win are bad news for the Divas division. The WWE are not giving the fans what they want with the Divas. Many wanted to see the phenom Aloisa on TV, and McCool has a very little fan base.

3- Dolph Ziggler Keeps The Gold And His Momentum: Bigger Things In Sight?

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    Dolph Ziggler is on the right path as of late. His push continued after his clean win over Kofi Kingston to retain the Intercontinental Title.

    We saw Ziggler screw a push several months ago, but he seems to have learned his lesson.

    After defeating the likes of Khali and Kingston, is Dolph Ziggler destined to move to the top card?

    With his in-ring skills and his gimmick, he would be a great heel in the World Heavyweight Title picture in few months.

    Anyway, he might have a very good and respectable Title reign. He makes a great Intercontinental Champion, there is no doubt. 

4- The WWE Wants to Bury CM Punk

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    CM Punk is becoming a three-time World Heavyweight Champion jobber. Even in his hometown of Chicago, he can't win a match.

    After his humiliating defeat at Summerslam in a 3-on-1 match against Big Show, the downfall continues for Punk.

    He must have done something very wrong to receive such a treatment by the WWE. Is he about to be released or is he in a temporary purgatory?

5- Daniel Bryan Is in WWE to Stay

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    Michael Cole can whine as much as he want, but the Internet's favorite wrestler is here to stay. Like it or not, Daniel Bryan is the new US Champion.

    With the great match he had against The Miz, he proved the fans he deserved his spot on the roster.

    With his famous release and the waves it created, Bryan will certainly become a top draw in WWE. Sooner or later, he will be in the WWE Title picture.

    With his impressive win, he has shown he is ready to face the best. 

6- The Miz Can and Will Now Focus on a World Championship

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    The WWE never liked to have the holder of a secondary title running after a major title. 

    With his Money In The Bank contract yet to be cashed, The Miz will certainly focus on the WWE Championship now. 

    With Orton as the new Champion, it might be a very interesting showdown.

    Many think The Miz is ready and due for a push to the main event level. His time is probably now.

7- Chris Jericho Maybe Wrestled His Last Match with WWE

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    He said he would retire if he didn't win at Night Of Champions and there are rumors saying he didn't renew his contract with WWE.

    If it's the case, we might have seen Y2J in action for the last time.

    If he doesn't come back in few months, it was maybe the last time he wrestled for the company.

    Hopefully it was not his farewell match, but just the beginning of vacation time for him.

    It would be a shame if he ended his career like that, after being the first eliminated in the Six Pack Challenge.

8- Wade Barrett and The Nexus Did Not Gain Any Credibility (Once Again)

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    Wade Barrett could have made a permanent mark in WWE, but he and his Nexus failed.

    Once again, The Nexus failed to demonstrate they were as strong as they pretend. 

    Barrett didn't have to win to gain some credibility. If he had lost without interference from his friends, he would have shown he was a top draw.

    The Nexus' presence was pointless, since they only made Barrett look weak.

    The group itself looked weaker than ever. Maybe is it time for them to disband and form some legit tag teams to try and revitalize the division.

9- The Age of Orton Is Back

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    After months of purgatory, The Viper is back on top. With the support of his growing fan base, he might become the next top face in WWE.

    His impressive win at Night Of Champions was exactly what he needed at this point of his career, while his popularity is at its peak.

    WWE understood they had to capitalize on the occasion and they just did it with grace. Orton's win was not a fluke and he dominated the match.

    John Cena is more booed by the live audiences, so it might be a good time for him to turn heel.

10- The Kane and Undertaker Feud Will Continue

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    The Undertaker did not pull a trick from his sleeve. In fact, he has been dominated in a match like never before by Kane.

    Kane was completely dominating at Night Of Champions and The Undertaker never looked so weak before. 

    The Big Red Machine is now unstoppable and he seems on his way to win the feud against his brother, for the first time.

    The saga is to be continued at the upcoming Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. It might end in the same environment it all began (2).


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