Randy Orton Becomes The Most Deserving Champion in WWE History

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 19, 2010

Randy Orton becomes the most deserving champion in WWE history at Night of Champions 2010.
Randy Orton becomes the most deserving champion in WWE history at Night of Champions 2010.

Never before in history had any performer deserved to win the WWE championship more than Randy Orton did at Night of Champions 2010.

I'll reiterate: NEVER before in HISTORY had ANY performer deserved to win the WWE championship more than Randy Orton did tonight.

In the wake of what had become almost a year-long creative drought that saw Orton's character buried underneath the weight of rivalries beneath him and a PPV losing streak longer what one would consider to be logically comprehensible, the WWE decided to move in a different direction.

Enough with the cheap mid-card rivalries, Orton had graduated back to main event status.

Enough with using his character only to sell main event matches with disappointing finishes.

Enough with watching Superstars 756 levels beneath him bask in the adulation of fabricated championship glory that had become nothing more than the great "tool" to get over those who would fail to remain relevant without it.

Night of "Champions."

Wasn't it about time that the WWE championship became the centerpiece of the WWE Universe?

Wasn't it about time that the greatest performer in the industry be paired with the greatest prize in the business?

WWE title + Sheamus = cheap, irrelevant pushing.

WWE title + Randy Orton = the greatest and most deserving union in years.

Within the realm of pro wrestling fanhood, we're bound to disagree with one another.

Not everyone will agree with the aforementioned, but it would be never the less factual.

Randy Orton has become the greatest performer of our generation, with a number of superstars who could compete for a very distant second place.

The WWE Universe has been long over-due to bare witness to a long, healthy, Randy Orton title reign.

While Orton has become one of the greatest performers not only of our generation, but in history, his character has not often been utilized to its greatest potential during many of his title reigns.

This time can be different.

He's the most "over" guy in the industry, and the fans have waited a very long time for the dawning of a new era.

We want to care about Monday nights again.

We want to value the stability of the overall product.

And if stability is what they need (and I assure you that they do big time), then Randy Orton is your man.

Younger than Ric Flair was when he won his first out of a record 16 world titles, Orton has more main event experience than The Rock and a track record that includes more victories over more legendary competitors than anyone in history.

That's right, anyone in HISTORY.

Randy Orton could be hanging out with The Rock, and The Rock would have to ask Randy Orton what it is like to have main-evented over 40 PPVs.

Randy Orton could be talking with Steve Austin, and Austin would have to sit and wonder what it would feel like to have defeated as many champions as Orton has (which would be 27 former or current WWE, World Heavyweight, WCW, ECW, or NWA world champions, but who's counting?).

Randy Orton is quite simply a living legend, having accomplished more than 95 percent of the men in the Hall of Fame and having done so by the age of 30, well before most Hall of Famers even became relevant, let alone champions.

And now during an age when the pro wrestling industry needed it the most, Randy Orton has ascended the pinnacle of the profession, granting legitimacy to the championship and making Monday nights something worth getting excited about again.

It may have been long past due, but it's better late than never.