Mark Ingram: Does His Performance vs. Duke Make Him a Leader for Heisman?

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent ISeptember 20, 2010

DURHAM, NC - SEPTEMBER 18: Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide runs down the sideline while being pursued by Abraham Kromah #8 and Matt Daniels #40 of the Duke Blue Devils at Wallace Wade Stadium on September 18, 2010 in Durham, North Carolina.  The Crimson Tide defeated the Blue Devils 62-13.  (Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images)
Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

The date is September 18, 2010 in Wallace Wade Stadium. This a date and place all Alabama fans need to remember.

Wallace Wade Stadium is home of the Duke Blue Devils. If your a college basketball fan than your probably thinking of a good game. If your a college football fan your probably thinking of a blowout.

This is week three for Alabama fans and players, yet for some reason it felt like week one. Probably because Alabama returned their offensive and defensive MVP's of the BCS National Championship. While Marcell Dareus was impressive, Mark Ingram was explosive. If you do not believe me check out the stats. Mark Ingram had 9 rushes for 151 yards and 2 touchdowns. Meaning he averaged a little over 16 yards a carry.

Now I know what some of you other fans are thinking, Duke is not a very strong opponet. With all due respect to Duke, that is probably true. Despite this, if you really think about it Duke is a tougher opponent than other teams have lined up on their schedule. Like if Alabama was playing San Jose State, Georgia State, or Portland State (woops sorry Oregon) than it would be different.

So does Mark Ingram's explosive performance put him as front runner for the Heisman trophy? Well missing the first two games of the season definitely hurt his chances by a slight percent. With all due respect to San Jose State, Mark Ingram probably would not have played that much in that game anyway so he really only the Penn State game hurt him.

If the Heisman trophy were to be given out this week, I honestly think Mark Ingram would have won it because of his dominant performance. Now if they would had given it in week one or two than Denard Robinson of Michigan probably would have won it. When asked about his knee injury following the Duke game Ingram said " It feels better than ever". Hope fully this means he can play the whole season without getting hurt again.


In the days following Mark Ingram's injury many BR writers said that fans had nothing to worry about. With Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy, and Demetrius Goode Alabama really had enough depth to fill in the position. Some even went as far to say that Richardson was better than Ingram. Which in my opinion they are at a pretty even level, even though I do agree when they Richardson is a man among boys.

What I want to know now is, do you feel the same way as you did before the Duke game. I feel like if Mark Ingram can average somewhere around 7 yards a carry with 150 yards a game, than he can still win the Heisman. Of course to some this is nonsense because Archie Griffin will be the only 2 time winning Heisman trophy winner. I am not saying that Mark Ingram is going to be the second, but I believe the time is coming soon for someone to second that motion. This is especially true since the last three years the Heisman trophy winner has been a sophmore.

So who will win the battle of the best on Alabama football squad? That is a question only to be answered by the performance of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. Will Mark Ingram win the Heisman trophy a second time? In all honesty it is going to be extremley hard because voters are going to look at those first two missed games. Can Ingram do it though? Well friends, my answer to that question is yes he can.