Buffalo Bills Are in Need of Desperate Measures

Bilal KhanContributor ISeptember 21, 2010

Trent Edwards in a familiar position
Trent Edwards in a familiar positionJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

       Here we go again -- yet another long, agonizing season for the disgraceful Buffalo Bills. Mind you, many of us supporters saw hope, especially after keeping the Miami Dolphins at bay in a 15-10 loss. But sadly, game 2 against the Packers awakened any delusional supporters of Western New York's (not so) lovable losers! 

      Of course, the problems for Buffalo are plentiful! On the offensive front, they do not have a NFL caliber offensive line, have no play-making tight ends and only possess one real wide receiver! The Bills did sign linemen Geoff Hangartner and Cornell Green, but the rest of the linemen are 2-3 year players who have failed to establish any sort of presence in the NFL. Additionally, with T.O. gone they have no number two receiver, which was clearly evident against the Packers (see Steve Johnson). 

     On the defensive front, they have a mediocre at best linebacking core and no capable pass rushers. They signed a linebacking trio of Andra Davis, Reggie Torbor and Akin Ayodele, but sadly none of these names inspire fear in opposing offenses, which might explain why they are all cast-offs from other teams, respectively. Defensive End Dwan Edwards was a respectable signing, but he is injury-prone and not a game changer.

     These are only some of the problems for Buffalo, but their most noticeable is the offensive play-calling! The Bills continue to rush the ball 50-75% of time, which allows defenses to lock in, and subsequently send them on countless 3 and outs! And besides the countless failed possessions, Buffalo refuses to take chances down the field. Whether this is Trent Edwards' decision, or Chain Gailey's, is besides the point. The practices which lead up to the game should establish a clear-cut strategy against opposing teams, and for the past couple years the Bills have looked totally adrift! If the QB is not allowed to throw balls during games, there is no need to even have one, just run wild-cat with your surplus of running backs.

     So now, Edwards has been benched in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Patriots. Haven't we been down this road before? Like, last season? It is not always the QB who is at fault, sometimes the coaches need to look in the mirror and realize that their play-calling is far too conservative in the toughest league in the world! Even when bad teams lose consistently, they at least TRY to win games, rather than roll-over and wait for the next game. The real fault, I feel, is the offensive play-calling and the linemen, who seem to be overwhelmed on any blitz. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.

     2011 is already rearing its ugly head, and many people believe the Bills will have a top 3 pick to select Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett. Good riddance, because wasted draft picks CERTAINLY don't reset a franchise by 3-4 years (ask the Cleveland Browns). What Buffalo should do is draft a Jake Long and shore up the offensive line, because no QB can be successful with a 3-second dropback, play-after-play! 

       We can expect more headaches, embarrassment, and excuses from Buffalo as they trot out their second-rate team on Sundays. But it really shouldn't have come to this, as they had plenty of chances during each draft to replenish their team! Unfortunately, they only improved their secondary and half-backs, seemingly ignoring the rest of a teams' composition. The Bills have many questions left for the 2010 season. Who will be put on notice after this miserable season closes? Will Chan Gailey's countdown clock begin for his eventual firing? Will the Bills make a mid-season QB acquisition? Will Lynch get dealt? 

       The only real question should be, after so many floundering seasons, should anyone even give a damn?