Beijing Babes: The Top-Five Beauties at the 2008 Olympics

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IAugust 12, 2008

There's always the few athletes that catch us guys' collective attention. Usually they are in the swimming or gymnastic events, and how many guys do you know that watch those events for the technique or landings? They usuall have their eyes on other things than skills.

In those events where tight clothes—or, in the case of beach volleyball, hardly anything—are worn, then the athletes are likely to get more exposure (for lack of a better word) to the male viewing audience. Every four years there are always a few crackers, and this time round it's no different.

Stephanie Rice: The Australian swimmer has made waves with many for her Commonwealth gold, but she makes a splash in other areas. Easily recognised by her stunning body and equally good face, the male population, dare I say it, love to see her get wet.

Ana Ivanovic: The tennis star has sadly had to pull out of this year's games due to injury, but it would be a crime to exclude the sexy Serb. Her French Open victory has put her in more exposure to the sporting world, and how grateful we are! It still amazes me that her forehand gets more attention then her upper body!

Jenna Randall: The sychronised swimmers always promise a few crackers, and how they have delivered with the Briton Jenna Randall. Her gold in the Commonwealth supplements her sensational body and seductive teeth.

Susanna Kallur: The Swedish hurdler holds the world indoor record on 60m hurdles, and isn't it great when birds are fit as well as sexy? Certainly the case for Kallur, and her face really lights up the athletic department. Although not the best, she is one of my personal favourites.

Alicia Sacramone: Here is my undisputed number one. The American gymanst has an unbelievable body and sexy face. Something about girls with brilliant bodies in tight clothes doing flips is a turn on! I really don't care how she does in this year's Olympics—as long as she does nothing to her looks! Please come to London in 2012! 10/10

Don't worry if these aren't enough—they aren't for me! As the Olympics continue, I'll be back with more Beijing Babes who have caught my attention.