WWE Night of Champions Results: LayCool (Michelle McCool) Wins Women's Title

Nathaniel HallContributor ISeptember 19, 2010

This match was for the unification of the Divas Championship as well as the WWE Women's Championship and was also a Lumberjill match. 

The LumberJills are introduced first among them are Jillian, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly and Layla among others

Michelle McCool is introduced first, with Layla looking none too happy about not competing tonight. Next to the ring is Melina who is looking quite confident.

It should be interesting to see what role the Lumberjills play in this match.

Early on Michelle McCool hits with a cheap shot on a Lumberjill, following this Melina takes control with various strikes. Melina is then thrown to the outside, where no Lumberjills even touch Melina.

It's obvious the Lumberjills are cheering for Melina.

McCool now has taken control of the match after Melina's spill to the outside.

This match has gone back and forth throughout, this is anybody's match to win.

Both Divas now tumble to the outside, and the lumberjills don't know what to do, and then they all attack McCool while Layla sneaks into the ring and attacks Melina.

Then McCool takes advantage and hits Melina with a Big Boot and covers Melina for the 1 - 2 - 3.

There you have it LayCool has unified the Women's Title