Goodbye Women's and Divas Championship, Hello Unified DivasTitle

Christi LottCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

First let me say that Divas and Knockouts competition in the WWE and TNA have left a bad taste in my mouth, and I haven't really been paying attention to competition or have wanted to write anything. I

'm not even really watching the NXT stuff much because I'm not anticipating anything happening with the winner or the other Divas.

But now, onto my article.

Tonight at Night of Champions the historic Women's Championship and the short lived Divas Championship will say goodbye, and for the first time in WWE history we will have a Unified Divas Title.

Either Melina or Michelle McCool will walk out being the first Unified Divas Champion. Here's a take on what I think should happen, and who should win and why.


1. Michelle McCool should win the match....

On Smackdown, Team LayCool (Michelle McCool and Layla) call themselves co-Women's Champions, though Layla is officially recognized as champion.

This past Friday, it was decided that Michelle would represent and face Divas Champion Melina in the Unification Match.

However, Layla discovered that Michelle name was written twice, which gave her no chance of defending her title.

I think Michelle should win simply so Layla can come out and take the title from her, say thanks for winning it for me, and then have the two of them argue over who's champion.

Then Teddy Long can come out say a triple threat match will start right then and there. What will most likely happen is Layla will cost Michelle the win, and the two can feud.


2. ...but Melina should be the first champion.

At the end of the night, Melina should be the first Unified Divas Champion. I think this because, since Smackdown will be switching channels and there will be a lack of focus on the Divas, it's better the title is on RAW.

Team LayCool will most likely break up and feud, getting all the attention.

Plus, Beth Phoenix should be returning soon. Allowing all of this to happen will keep RAW's Diva focus on Melina and the new title, which will bring attention to its Division.


3. RAW needs the title more.

Having Melina as champion on RAW truly does open up opportunities for the Divas on RAW.

Despite the WWE's best intentions, the pushes of Eve and Alicia Fox as champions failed miserable.

Perhaps, with a new title on the brand, WWE can shift focus to Gail Kim being pushed as competition, even Maryse stepping out of her managerial role(because she's a great heel Diva), or FINALLY the push of Natalya as a serious Diva competitor.

I think she and Melina can have some great matches together.

Hopefully, there will be a brand new title belt that does NOT look like the Divas title. More importantly, it should be a great match.

Melina and Michelle have had some great matches together, and I think we're going to get a great showcase of two great Divas.