The Last Shot: Ines Sainz, Brett Favre, Lil Wayne, Kurt Warner.

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2010

The Last Shot: Ines Sainz, Brett Favre, Lil Wayne, Kurt Warner.

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    The Last Shot takes a satirical aim at the athletes and events making news in the world of sports.

Pretty Piñata

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    The media circus surrounding TV Azteca host Ines Sainz continues.

    According to the Mexican reporter, the toughest question she’s had to answer so far is, “which is harder for her to get into, a pair of jeans or the state of Arizona?”

Heavenly Bling

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    Lil Wayne's spirits got a boost today after learning Brett Favre is keeping the jailed rapper in his daily prayers. 

    Favre is such a big fan he even had the diamonds from Wayne’s teeth engraved into his Super Bowl ring.

Just Follow These Simple Steps

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    Kurt Warner is set to make his debut on the show Dancing With The Stars.

    To help him better understand the complex dance steps, the former quarterback has decided to have all his routines choreographed by John Madden.


The Mask

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    Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen just unveiled his new “Chuck Norris” themed mask. 

    Lehtonen isn’t the first backstop to pay homage to a celebrity.  Who could forget Gerry Cheevers’ mask, which honors Joan Rivers’ plastic surgeon.

Reality Check

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    Survivor Nicaragua contestant Jimmy Johnson admitted, during the game, to keep him from getting homesick, he’d spend hours cracking coconuts because they reminded him of his good buddy Terry Bradshaw.