Carolina Panthers Lose To Tampa Bay Bucs: What Should Happen Now?

George AndersonAnalyst IISeptember 19, 2010

See, Fox doesn't know what his offense is doing either.
See, Fox doesn't know what his offense is doing either.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers have fallen to 0-2 after an embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nothing went well during the game other than the Panthers rushed for over 100 yards.

I would talk about our horrible third down defense, third down offense, secondary, pass rush and passing game, but I'd rather not write a book. Instead, let's look at what the Panthers should do now. I know this is only the second week, but we just lost to Tampa: that’s bad.


  1. The first thing we need to do is play Jimmy Clausen. I apologize, they have already started. Moore went 6-for-16 for 125 yards with a touchdown, an interception, and a fumble. In one quarter, Clausen had as many completions as Moore. Moore just cannot manage the offense. At least Clausen can get some work in and get his training started a little early.
  2. The second thing we need to do is find a spiracle cure so we can get Otah on the field. We need him—BAD. Our line is struggling for some reason, but I know Otah could do better hurt than what has been displayed so far. Schwartz and Bernadeau, especially, are not getting the job done.
  3. Third, we need to say good-bye to Jeff Davidson. I don't like the play calling and I think what we're doing is too obvious. It was like he was following a pattern against Tampa: Run, Run, Pass, Punt. Run, Run, Pass, Punt. It was horrible. We didn’t convert on third downs all game and it killed our drives.
  4. Fourth, the Panthers need to admit they were wrong in trading Chris Harris. There is no leader in that secondary, and it is getting beat time and again. The secondary is constantly out of position and missing assignments.
  5. Finally, I think John Fox needs to start packing. Fox has not had a double-digit losing season as Panthers Head Coach, but the way this offense looks, it is going to happen. He is the greatest coach in franchise history and he will be remembered. Unfortunately, this year is looking like ten or more losses before December. His time is done.

Now that the Panthers can kick back and relax in the cellar of the NFC, they can take comfort knowing that the Vikings and Cowboys are in the basement with them. At least the Panthers don’t have a Hall of Fame quarterback and are not “The Most Talented Team In Football.” Maybe the Panthers will turn it around and finish 8-8 and the Chiefs will make the playoffs.