WWE-TNA: Why WWE Could Make AJ Styles The Christian Cage Of TNA

Matt OffermannCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

 I have found myself writing a lot lately about how someone switching from TNA to WWE could help out and to be honest it would. Since a deal is likely never going to happen all we can do is keep wondering who would win a match between let's just say Orton and Styles.

 So starting out a few years back. Christian jumped to TNA and was instantly classic (thank you to those of you who got that). The moment he first stepped into TNA's ring he was a main eventer. Now I am not comparing AJ to Christian but the point I am trying to say is that If AJ did the same thing the same thing would have to happen.

 Now for the other question of " He's already a main eventer, of course they would use him if he switched".

 To answer this is really easy. John Cena, Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho?, Sheamus, Wade Barrett and The Nexus, The Miz. After the switch to SyFy I think maybe one or two of these names will go to Smackdown. Now if he were to go to Raw right off the bat this may be true.

 Smackdown, however, could be where he shines. Kane, Undertaker, Del Rio, CM Punk-as long as this SES crap dies, Christian is pretty much all they have as of now. Throwing the #1 wrestler into the mix here would have the title around his waist in no time.

 Not only would he be in the main event but he would be on the biggest show in the WWE.

 So if AJ were to come to WWE I could seriously see some gold and main event status instantly.

 What do you guys think?