Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club Curshes South Pitt Hooligans, 93: 0

Justin RutledgeContributor ISeptember 19, 2010

Just two weeks after BGSU’s A side put up over one hundred points on SUNY Brockport, the Cleveland Eastern Suburbs Rugby Football Club defeated the South Pittsburgh Hooligans with a crushing score of 93 – 0.

Though the score paints a dominating picture, the Green Horde’s game was far from entirely smooth. Early on in the game the Cleveland side fought their way down to the Hooligans five-meter line only to concede a penalty and lose the territory they had gained. Penalties plagued the first half of the game for the Green Horde, costing them possession and territory on a number of occasions.

While penalties were an issue for Cleveland throughout the game, the Hooligans were unable to capitalize. The Cleveland pack dominated their Pittsburgh counterparts, pushing hard in the scrums and making sure they maintained possession of the ball. The forwards were especially dominant in the line-outs, where Michael Belanich won or stole just about every ball. South Pittsburgh was only able to win two balls throughout the entire game.

Cleveland managed to retain control of the game even as they put in their substitutions. The fresh legs on the Green Horde side kept up the pressure in the late minutes of the game, finding and exploiting more holes in the visiting team's defenses.

Though they ran up the score and dominated for the most part, the Green Horde’s game needed some polish. They fumbled a kickoff and had some trouble retaining possession in rucks.

The Green Horde plans to take their winning ways on the road as they travel to Pennsylvania to play the West Moreland Highlanders.