Rich Rodriguez Must Implement Change Slowly at Michigan to Avoid Backlash

Matthew YonkaContributor IAugust 12, 2008

As a lifelong Michigan football fan, I am excited for the upcoming change at Michigan.  Everyone knows that Michigan will no longer be a three yards and a cloud of dust school.  We will be running a spread offense and utilizing more athletic players than we had before.

That said, Rich Rodriguez needs to be very careful with this change.  The University of Michigan football program is very tradition-oriented.  If Rodriguez comes in and changes everything and gets away from too much of our tradition, he will not be well received.

As a whole, I think Michigan fans are excited about this change, yet still apprehensive.  We have always watched a certain style, and it's what we are used to.  Rich Rod has to honor our tradition as well as implement his own style.  Otherwise, the alumni and most of lifelong fans will be calling for his job within two years.

I think he has the capability to make us national championship contenders year in and year out, but he has to walk a very fine line his first few years until he shows success with his system.

Then he will have all of our hearts—the way Bo did, the way Lloyd did, and the way all of our coaches have.