Communication Breakdown. It's Always The Same.

Tom BaumbergerCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 12:  Members of the San Francisco 49ers take the field prior to the NFL season opener against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field on September 12, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. The Seahawks defeated the 49ers 31-6. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I'm having a nervous breakdown.  Drive me insane.

I never was much of a Led Zepplin fan but I thought the reference was fitting.

Clemson 17, Auburn 0. One thing is for sure the Tigers will win. Go Clemson.

This evolved out of a couple of comments I've written on internet articles.


It's half time, I just checked in. During the game on ESPN they had a commercial for the Monday night game. They said the Saints travel to San Francisco to take on the disappointing San Francisco 49ers. I guess that's how I feel. Disappointed.

If I was on the team, and I read that diatribe I wrote about the team, I'd be pissed at me. That's one of those times when the insight I get from watching the games doesn't add up to what is being said. I'm only disappointed in a couple of players, albeit they are key players.

Here's what I saw in Seattle.

The 49ers walked arm and arm into Qwest Field and it was an awesome sight.

Clemson 17 Auburn 24. End of the third quarter. Ruh. Roh. Go Clemson.

Clemson 24 Auburn 24 early in the fouth. What a game.

They had another commercial for the Saints game. At least Brent Musberger didn't say disappointing 49ers this time.

Clemson and Auburn tied, and in OT.

Clemson wins the OT toss of the coin and takes defense first. Duh.

Clemson 24 Auburn 27 in OT. Clemson ties it, but no. Penalty. Points come off the board. Second kick. Miss. It's Auburn in OT. Dang.  It's going to be a somber Monday at the office.

Uuh...where was I? Oh yeah, this is what I saw in the Seattle game.

The 49ers walked in arm in arm and that was an awesome sight. Enter the Seattle Seahawk defensive MVP, the worldly infamous 12th man.

Nate Clements being the wily veteran that he is, knows the best way to quiet the 12th man is to score points on them. I've trash talked Nate on stuff before.

He earned his lockdown title on the first play of the game. BAM. He shot the 12th man in the foot on the first play, and you could hear him say uh oh. Momentum sway? Definitely to SF.

Once again our defense gave the offense a short field. Great job defense. Our offense came through pretty good too, right off the bat. I thought Morgan had great position on the defender, and the pass could have been thrown lower, when he was 2 yards inbounds. I'm just sayin'.

I know I wasn't on the field. I'm sure it was different from Smith's point of view.  Morgan took the heat for coming down out of bounds.

As I've watched a few of the plays in rerun I noticed Josh Morgan doing an excellent job doing what he does, down field blocking and catching footballs.

With the 12th man still shot in the foot and limping, Jimmy Raye calls a great play. One that has Moran Norris wide open at the goal line. Yeah. Seattle was in a goal line defense too.  Moran was wide open and totally overlooked by the defense.

Alex really stunk it up when he tossed up that turd of a pass to Moran Norris. I can live with that. Everyone has an off day once in a while.

I guess Moran Norris took the heat for that. At least with some announcers I've heard he did. I saw it differently. It looked to me like there was no hurry. Just lob it in to Norris and he walks into the end zone untouched.

The 12th man would have been wondering by now what happened and probably started quieting down some.

Nope, probably not, but they'd be thinking about it. As it was, they weren't. It only fueled their fire.

The Crabtree-Smith chemistry not being there, it seems some things are amiss. OK. It's only the first game.

There were two interceptions and one near miss making it almost three. I don't know what the deal is with that one yet. Was it Alex, Michael, the 12th man? Who cares? The combination poured gas on the 12th man's fire.

I'm sure they'll get it worked out but I'm disappointed with Crabtree because he had a cavalier attitude about having a crummy day. It was like he couldn't be bothered with it. He gets the big bucks to be bothered with that kind of stuff, he's being paid to perform.

A wise younger supervisor of mine once told me: You're never so good at your job that you can't be replaced by someone just as good. About an hour later he fired me.

Michael I'm just sayin'. Come on man, come down to earth and play some football. You could be one of the greatest, or not...

Surprisingly enough I'm OK with Crabtree, this is what made me the most angry. Alex Smith walked off the field past Singletary after tossing up that duck at Norris. Singletary said something to him. Whatever it was, Alex deserved it.

Mike Singletary gave Alex Smith a vote of confidence by not looking for a replacement in the off-season. OK. If it were me, I would have.

When someone from my generation gets their butt chewed out, they have the courtesy to acknowledge the person chewing their butt. Especially if the someone is someone who legitimately deserves your respect. OK, you might not actually go so far as to look the person in the eye and say, yes sir. Well, you probably would. I'm just sayin'.

What did Singletary get from Alex Smith?  He got a flippant attitude and a roll of his eyes as he walked past him. I don't think that was right. Singletary deserves respect he didn't get.

Of all the poor tosses Alex made that day, perhaps the worst he made was tossing Jimmy Raye under the bus. Yeah there were communication problems in that game. It was only obvious watching the game.  The very best teams have communication problems in that stadium.

Maybe Jimmy needs to be tossed under the bus. I don't know. My point is that Alex Smith was in control of the biggest variable, the 12th man. He came up short in the bargain.  Alex Smith couldn't man up enough to shoulder his share of the blame.  He chose to divert the attention to his incompetent performance by scapegoating Jimmy Raye.

Before the Seattle game I would have told you I thought the 49ers - Saints game would be won by the team who had the ball last. I still think the team can play with the Saints and beat them.

I've also seen another 49ers team, more than once.

Which one will show up?





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