Cleveland Cavaliers Must Start a Rebellion Against The Empire In Miami

Matthew WilderContributor ISeptember 18, 2010

Byron Scott is the tough Head Coach the Cavaliers need.
Byron Scott is the tough Head Coach the Cavaliers need.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

There is a huge empire waiting to crush the new rebels in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are a few notable examples of empires falling victim to the next one or to themselves. The Cavs are no exception to this rule as the Miami Heat have risen to take their place as the dominant superpower in the Eastern Conference. Sure, we haven't played a single game and no one is ready to hand over the Eastern Conference Champions trophy.However, Miami is the new threat that has emerged out of the darkness of recent failure.

LeBron James destroyed the very empire he sought to built. It was never completed and instead of helping the Cavs increase their strength, LeBron decided to tear it down and have a chance to be reborn on South Beach.

The Cavs might not have all the pieces in place to make a serious run in the playoffs or even make it that far to begin with. However, the Cavs have something on their side. There is something to fight for besides winning their first NBA Championship. They have to answer the critics. There are many who say the Cavs have no chance of making the playoffs. One has claimed they will win 12 games. Is it time for Cavs fans to worry that the team has had the life sucked out them and the energy is simply not there?

Although the Cavs roster has been left shattered due to the departures of LeBron James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas, there is one thing left. Revenge...

Every single player on the Cavs roster should have payback on their minds. Sure, it's an evil thought, but it gives them something to start with.