Kevin Garnett: Keep Them Hungry, Keep Them Aggressive

Nohome JeromeCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

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It’s the unique way to a historic NBA back-to-back championship.

After beating the Lakers in the sixth and final game of the 2008 Finals, Doc Rivers told one thing in the trophy presentation: Defense.

He pointed to the defense and the attitude as the main reason of the title. The Boston Celtics showed a huge desire to win during the regular season, the playoffs, and the Finals. They are the deserving champions, but are they able to repeat their march to the trophy?

The pressure to win a ring led stars such as Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to join in the same team. They didn’t look for an MVP award, a league championship, or something like this. They went for the title from the very first day.

Kevin Garnett is the key. He is the best paid player in the league. He is a perennial All-Star. No matter. Above of this, he is a leader: The emotional leader of these Boston Celtics.

The ‘’Big Ticket’’ led by example. He spread his attitude to his teammates. 48 minutes during 82 games plus the postseason. No time to relax. The final success was able because of the hunger and the aggressiveness.

Garnett will not have the pressure of winning a title. For this reason, he will have to take another aim. I’m sure that he will find the way to motivate himself.

Then, everything will roll again. Everyone will play his role and the Boston Celtics will be in the title hunt. For sure.

Kevin; keep them hungry, keep them aggressive.