NBA 2k11: Top 5 Rookies and Their Projected Ratings

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2010

NBA 2k11: Top 5 Rookies and Their Projected Ratings

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    One of the most anticipated games for this year has to be NBA 2k11.  The cover of the game just makes you want to get it right away, but too bad we have to wait till October 5th.  Everyone wants to play as the greatest of all-time, Michael Jordan, but many people want play as the Miami Heat, Classic Teams, and play the improved My-Player Mode.

    But me, on the other hand, want to play with the Rookies.

    Crazy, right?!?

    I will give you my projection of the top 5 overall draft pick's ratings in the following slides.  I will also have an "end-of-the-season" rating in which I will predict the updated ratings for the end of the season.

5. Demarcus Cousins

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    With Sactown getting the possibly the biggest steal in the draft, although top-five shouldn't technically be a steal, Cousins should be able to contribute immediately.  Luckily, concerns about Cousins's attitude doesn't have an affect on video games.  Cousins could play center or power forward, which center seems like the easiest for an opportunity to start at, with him having to battle against Landry and Thompson for a power forward spot.  He could improve his jumpshot, but it's solid compared to other power forwards out of the draft.  His post moves and activity in the paint should give you a double-double with him in 2k11 even if he doesn't start.  Lets just hope that down the road in the season Tyreke Evans can feed him the ball that will allow him to get some good shot attempts.

    Projected Rating: 74

    E.O.S.(End of Season) Rating: 78

    2k Comparable: Elton Brand

    (Notable Ratings: Offensive Post-85, Def Rebounding-89, Hands-84)

4. Wesley Johnson

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    Sorry, you're my least favorite out of the five.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    The team that was begging on landing Evan Turner didn't get what they truly wanted but Wesley Johnson was too bad either.  Johnson is pretty raw considering he is 22 and came out as a junior.  I feel that his athleticism will play a major factor in the NBA, as well as his size.  I think that Johnson will be a role-player at best in his career.  His rating in 2k11 will be deducted a lot because he struggles dribbling which will have an effect for him getting to the rim.  His hamstring injury seems to be fine, but we will see if it comes back to haunt him in the season. 

    Projected Rating: 65

    E.O.S. Rating: 67 

    2k Comparable: Shawn Marion

    (Notable Rating: Dunking-79, Off Rebounding-86, Ball-Security-57)

3. Derrick Favors

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Everyone expected for the Nets to land Wall as a recruiting chip to get Lebron but we see how that turned out.  I'm not going to say that Favors is a bad pick, some "experts" at ESPN claimed that he should've been picked 2nd overall, because of his amazing potential.  The problem is just that he is raw right now, and probably won't make a big impact next year on the Nets, but I do expect him to be a good presence in the paint and be a solid player.  Playing alongside a true center, Brook Lopez, should get him open looks and easy points.  His athleticism will help him out a lot on defense, so 2k should make him an above average shot blocker.

    Projected Rating: 69

    E.O.Y. Rating: 70

    2k Comparable: Amare Stoudemire w/o strength

    (Notable Ratings: Blocking-82, Dunking-88, Vertical-93)

2. Evan Turner

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Evan Turner was arguably the best college basketball player last season, but the spotlight was still more towards Wall.  With Turner playing similar to Iggy in reality and fantasy, someone is going to get a deduction on their 2k rating.  Turner's jumpshot should be in the mid-80s with his ability to pull up for a jumper at any given time in college.  The Turner-Holiday backcourt should be exciting to play with in 2k11, and will make the 76ers a fun team to play as in 2k11.  Hopefully the summer league was just Turner being out of shape and will have no effect on his play in the NBA.

    Projected Rating: 80

    E.O.Y. Rating: 79

    2k Comparable: Brandon Roy

    (Notable Ratings: Mid Shot- 80, Ball Security-93, Layup-92)

1. John Wall

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    You'll see this in 2k a lot.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    With Washington winning the lottery, they become a favorite to play as in the beginning of the season.  Although he has the whole turnover-prone thing going on and average jumpshot, he will still lead the Wizards and be a 1-man fastbreak.  Look to throw alley-oop passes to this guy in 2k because Kentucky sure did last year.  Wall may not be the best coming out of the draft in the beginning of the season, but he might be at the end of the season.  John Wall will be a beast in 2k11 because of his speed to get to the basket and his underrated defense and passing abilities.

    Projected Rating: 77

    E.O.Y. Rating: 82

    2k Comparable: Derrick Rose

    (Notable Ratings: Speed-94, Passing-86, Dunking-90)

Other Notable E.O.Y. Player Ratings

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    Al Bello/Getty Images

    1. Greg Monroe, Rating-76

    Big Man with amazing footwork and mid-range.  It should be fun to play around with him in 2k11 because his ability to control the tempo, almost like a Lamar Odom type.  His quickness and leaping abilities are average compared to the NBA's standards.

    2. Xavier Henry, Rating-74

    Great scorer with incredible range, he slashes to the rim with ease and can be a poor man's Kobe in 2k11.  He doesn't have explosive speed or jumping ability and ballhandling isn't the greatest. (Take Note: I said "Poor Man's")

    3. Paul George, Rating-71

    He can dunk, shoot, and rebound; what more do you want out of a video game player?  Well, he could use better dribbling skills to create, because most of his shots came off of spotting up and when he does, he is sloppy.

    4. Dominique Jones, Rating-69

    Powerful guard who plays with swagger, and plays good defense; although he does lack size which plays a major factor in video games.(Just play as Earl Boykins, and you can relate.)

    5. Larry Sanders, Rating-68

    An explosive and athletic power forward, who almost reminds me of Hakeem Warrick.  In 2k, expect him to grab plenty of rebounds and get many put-back dunks.  His defense and strength could make you avoid playing as him but only time will tell.