BYU vs. FSU (Halftime)

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst ISeptember 18, 2010
BYU vs. FSU - Halftime Update

BYU vs. FSU - Halftime Update

Florida State 13 Brigham Young 10

Considering the way the Cougar offense played for most of the first half and the dominating performance by Florida State, BYU is lucky to be down by just 3 points going into the half.

They have a great shot in this game despite only gaining 6 yards of total offense in the first quarter.

It was great to see Heaps given four series in a row and put together two scoring drives to end the half, including his first touchdown pass of his career. He performed well after getting the opportunity to get in a rhythm, adjust to the speed of the game and work through some mistakes.

You could see Jake develop confidence as the second quarter progressed and the offense develop some continuity. The Cougars look like they finally have a starter in Heaps.

The Cougar defense is actually playing better in this game than they did last  year. Outside of the the big run by Thompson, the defense has done its job and even had a nice stop after the Cougars turned the ball over deep in their own territory. They have gotten decent pressure on Ponder and have gotten in the passing lanes with three tipped passes.

Hopefully the  injury to Reynolds is not serious.

Cougars have grabbed some momentum and will get the ball to start the third quarter. Let’s see if they can sustain it…